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Plusmodel - Diorama Acessories Sets: Waste Container, Circular Saw and German Medical Set


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Diorama Accessories Sets


(Circular Saw, Waste Container and German Medical Set)
Available from 
Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text


Plus Model was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic.
Their product range is comprised primarily of 1/35th scale resin kits, conversion sets, and accessories which are vacuum cast from polyurathane plastic (Plusmodel web introduction) 

            For many years up to today that Plusmodel was creating in a clear and serene form, their own space in modeling, especially for 1/35 scale with fantastic resin kits and accessories for dioramas.

If you want something different and it will stands out in your diorama or vignette, Plusmodel is the answer.

And these three products that we will see in detail in this review are a good example of that and demonstrate the quality and originality of Plusmodel.

            All sets that we going to review today are in 1:35.They come in the standard Plusmodel box, being the full build model the box art.

It`s very well packaged, with the all the parts coming inside of a bubble bag.


The dark gray resin is perfect molded, in all sets, and you well may struggle to see bubbles in over 100 resin parts as they will see not a single one. Outstanding casting as it was expected by Plusmodel.

All resin parts come in plastic bag and in a smaller plastic bag the decals and photo-etched.

I believe that the box art are for the size of the box and the subject, very attractive and are no more than the fully built and painted model which highlights the quality of Plusmodel.

But let's get to it:


Waste Container


(46 resin pieces and 8 Photo-etched and one decals sheet to two containers)

Price tag: 26,70$ (18,70€) – directly from Plusmodel.


            On this set the modeler will get two complete waste containers, with full detail. The resin is in dark grey color, with a perfect casting and no bubbles at all.

All the resin pieces are easy to work out and quite simple to clean. So this set is quite a simple and easy build.

An apart: When my wife saw the containers exclaimed: Look those cute containers to put the trash of pencil sharpener. No comments! :)

            The container itself is hollow so you can leave it one and fill it up with detritus or a simply bottle. Of course if open, it must been given an extremely heavy weathering… It`s bagging for it.





The center line of the mold (in the container itself) is very easy to remove.          




The lids of the container have only exterior detail but with a low sharp relief and appropriate scale.







            The mechanism of opening the lids of containers is faithfully reproduced allowing the modeler, leave the lids open, semi-open or closed.






            The photo-etched parts is for the legs of containers, which are easy to handle and easy folding, giving a touch truly realistic because it allows the modeler to get a faithful representation of the containers supports, with the possibility of putting four wheels completely misaligned with each other as in reality, that means, with perfect representation of rotating wheels..

The wheels are well cast, with detail and no bubbles.




Let`s take a quick look to the other pieces that will turn the containers very realistic just like the real one.

In all these pieces you got every single detail like:













The photo-etched is a very small sheet that represent the wheels support in a quite simply way and a very effective one.




The decal sheet has a good registration but I believe that they can not even be used because depending on the geographic location, the colors and the signs are different, so your painting and decorating should be tailored to each location and conflict that are represented in the diorama.




The instructions are quite noticeable, with simple comprehension without any difficulty to the modeler.




This small set with two containers is an asset to any modern diorama whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya along with the excellent kits of Meng.


Circular Saw

(42 resin pieces and 9 Photo-etched)

Price tag: 26,10$ (18,30€) – directly from Plusmodel.



This set is fantastic. Again the casting is very level, with excellent detail simply by both the detail of the trunk. As all set I ever see from Plusmodel, the cast is perfect with no bubbles.




My set has the name of Circual saw ... I do not know if this is so or just a misprint on my sample. I believe that is a misprint because such a name does not make sense and in Plusmodel site, this set has the correct name: Circular Saw


The saw itself is itself a well-designed kit, with metal frame and its basket, which fits itself ... Small and spectacular kit.


















The trunks have a striking detail, with the bark of the trunk to be faithfully reproduced.




The thicker trunk has detail on the top that allows the placement of an ax as the photo above.



The set comes with two axes of different sizes with high quality casting and detail.




The tripod support of the logs is also a simple construction and easy to achieve results. But here Plusmodel not resigned because these little trunk bark also have it fully reproduced.






The photo-etched has excellent surface detail with connection point quite simple to remove.

This short set of photo-etched has several pieces being the most relevant the saw circular.

The single most delicate point in this brilliant kit will be the removal of the circular saw as the four points of connection is in the teeth of the saw.

There was no other solution than the one presented by Plusmodel, and therefore not at all a negative point and only just a reminder to use extreme care in removing the circular saw.




The instructions are quite simple but effective, in the traditional e typical Plusmodel style.




This circular saw is simply attractive and will undoubtedly be a point of interest in participating in a diorama or vignette.

All sets analyzed here, this set is indeed more complex leaving however to be perfectly accessible to the average modeler, simply reaching a very satisfactory result.

  It's a great set with high details that give a touch of class to any vignette or diorama, easily framed in any city or rural dioramas.




(36 resin pieces and 4 Photo-etched and one decals sheet)

Price tag: 26,10$ (18,30€) – directly from Plusmodel.


The set comes with four little boxes, which one represents a different medical set, with several cupboard and interior divisions, many packs of medicines and a stretcher.




Each box brings details to be placed inside the oxygen bottles and accessories, either with small interior rooms or even small removable boxes that serve as cupboards just like a real medical case.4






This set brings many more resin parts than those advertised on the box and the Plusmodel.

In reality, due to duplication of parts (a Plusmodel only considers equals parts as one) the number of pieces this set passes the 50 pieces in resin.





It also brings a small set photo-etched with 4 parts, a sheet of decals of reasonable size, and instruction leaflet.



The photo-etched are the supports for the stretcher



The decals has a very good register and a good resolution and with a several drugs tags.




The instructions are only a small sheet on both sides. Are quite simple and noticeable.






Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words.

So here`s several pictures:




























This set just go along nicely with an ambulance like German Ambulance Kfz. 31 (from Plusmodel) or new Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.3 Maultier Ambulance or some resin conversion from Leadwarrior or just a lost medical box in the ruins.



These three sets of accessories for dioramas translate well Plusmodel philosophy: originality, quality and versatility.

The quality is of the highest level, with castings at most higher standard and detail is one of the best in modeling world.

These accessories allow its use in one scenario as in several, depending on the intention of the modeler.

Also these sets will stand out on your diorama or vignette giving a detail of class.


Very Highly recommended.


With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.




Francisco Guedes

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