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F.16B - Venezuelan colours


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Hello all - I seem to be going through an awkward phase right now with my modelling.

I've managed to acquire the Aztec Decals sheet 32-003 for the 25th. Anniversary of the Dragones squadron of the Venezuelan AF, and very nice it seems to be! However the colour call out from Aztec is as follows :-


Dark Green - FS31092

Pale Green - FS34373

Sand -           FS 36642

Lt. Gray -       FS37875


I would have thought that they would have used standard USAF SEA scheme colours on top with Light Compass Grey underneath but these numbers do not seem to match up with the FS colour charts I have. Does anyone have any ideas how I can track these colours down and correlate them with Gunze Sanyo  paints?


Just as an aside I'm also very interested in the FS colours Venezuela have used for their SU30s' so any help there would be appreciated.




Steve S.

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