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  1. Fantastic work! Really looking forward to seeing the end result. Steve S.
  2. But they're not in a bank of three with 7, 7 and 6 louvres, therefore they just won't do!! Anyone have any ideas how to produce the louvres I require? It's fun this hobby ain't it?! Steve S.
  3. "The Devil is in the detail" James, as I'm sure you know!! I'm trying to build this version as a B.35 so louvres, shown in the "new" plans for parts J1 to J4, apply and as I'm only a 'kit basher' with limited skills. I'm looking for Neil to "save my bacon" and bring them out - or does this suggest even more boxings of even more versions coming in the future?? Exciting ain't it!!?? Steve S.
  4. I notice that Neil isn't showing the louvres on either side of the carburettor intake trunks introduced from around the B Mk 25 - this would enable later versions to be modelled like the B Mk 35. Also, now that we are in the 2 stage era, the possibility of night fighter and H2S equipped versions rear their heads - delicious! Just saying! Steve S.
  5. Looks like you're making a good job of the instal! Look forward to seeing more.
  6. Spot on review Jeroen! Looks like Fly have a winner on their hands!!
  7. This is very good news!!! Anyone know when we can expect them? Steve S.
  8. Thanks Jase, some excellent pictures there! Steve S.
  9. Going deaf with all the self trumpet blowing!!! Seriously - congratulations to ALL you fine modellers!! You are serious inspirations! Steve S. (founder member of the "Serious Brown Nose Club")
  10. These, and your Spitfire line up, are really great! Terrific display of modelling skills! More please! Regards, Steve S.
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