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1:35 Renault R40


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1:35 Renault R-40

[Pz.Kpfw 40R 736(f)]

Brach Model
Catalogue #BM100
Available from Brach Model for 98€


The Renault R40 is the final variation of the R35. It was developed by the Atelier de Construction d’Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX) which introduced a brand new and better suspension that consisted of 12 pairs of small road-wheels on each side mounted in pairs, vertical coil springs, and protective skirting plates. This vehicle mounted the long barreled 37mm SA38 L/33 gun in the APX-R1 turret and had an AMX crossing tail. A little bit less than 120 tanks had been built from 10th May on only and put into service with the serial number 51541 to 51658. They equipped the 40e BCC (30 R40 and 15 R35), the 48e BCC (29 R40 and 16 R35), the reconstituted 28e BCC (24 R40 and 21 R35) in beginning June and two Polish companies in France (companies "Pagézy" and "Chabowski" with 15 R40 each).

The dimensions of this light tank:

Weight: 12t

Length: 4.02m 

Width: 1.87m

Height: 2.13m

Crew: 2 men

Other technical information:

-Maximum armor: 43mm (APX-R turret is cast and hull is cast armor + RHA bolted elements)

-Maximum speed: 20-23 km/h (Renault engine, 4 cylinders, gasoline, 85 hp, 5880 cm3, water cooled)

-Transmission : 4 forward, 1 reverse.

-Autonomy : 140 km

-Armament: a 37mm SA38 L/33 gun and a 7.5mm MAC1931 CMG (42 AP, 58 HE and 3000 cartridges - elevation of -16 to +20° and traverse of 5° right and 5° left but could be blocked to aim only with the turret rotation) - 37mm SA38 L/33 - in German service : 3.7cm KwK 143(f)

-Theoretical rate of fire : 15 rpm

-Traverse of 5° right and 5° left (could be blocked to aim only with the turret rotation)

-Telescopic sight : 4x (L.767 telescopic sight, range drum up to 1400m for the APC shells and 1600m for the coaxial MG, field of view 11.25°, + reticle)

-Practical AT range : 600-800m

-Ammunitions : Obus de rupture Mle1938 (APC) - in German service : Pzgr 146(f), Caliber : 37x149R mm, weight of projectile : 0.700 kg, length f projectile : 103mm, V° = 705 m/s, penetration : 30mm /30° at 400m.

-German tests with 3.7cm Pzgr 146(f) (source : Jentz): 

100 meters = 29mm /30° 

500 meters = 23mm /30° 

1000 meters = 16mm /30°

1500 meters = 12mm /30°


-Obus explosif Mle1938 (HE) - in German service : Sprgr 145(f)

Caliber : 37x149R mm

Weight of projectile : 0.670 kg (60 g explosive)

Length of projectile : 110mm

V° = 600 m/sEquipped with a long RSA Mle1938 fuze
(Source: David Lehmann, German Documents from the National Archives, Panzertruppen)


        Looking at the Renault R40 (and also the R35) looks like we`re looking at an improved version of the Renaul FT, because it has their similarities, first by the arrangement of compartments (driver in the front hull, and rear mounted engine) and the unditching tail.


We can look at them and say: for sure, these ones are

There`s a review for a model kit that I was eager to put my hand on.

I was lucky enough to have this opportunity to review it.

Well, just enough chat and let`s go to the kit.



        The box is quite big for the relative small tank.






        The packaging of this kit is top notch. It`s a sturdy and well padded package.








We notice that there is affection and dedication in the product and that such care with conditioning parts is because the manufacturer knows what the modeler wants and how they want. For modelers to modelers.

 The masters are done by Luciano Brach, a real genius and a gentleman too.


The resin pieces come in various separates bags, having had the care of the big parts are not the same bags that small pieces and even inside the box are very remote and styrofoam in the middle, thus showing care in packaging, and all done to avoid any broken parts.    




This kit has 292 resin parts (104 are tracks links), a photo-etched sheet, a small acetate sheet (with instruments panels) and a towing cable (tread).

Also have a small instructions booklet and a small sheet for three markings options (two French and one German).

The resin is a light/medium grey resin, very well cast, with some very good details.

In all the pieces I look for any bubble or distortion and I didn`t find any on my sample.

This is an excellent example of resin art. Unlike some resin armor kits, the hull is not cast in a single piece, but similarly to a regular styrene model, with a hull top and bottom. This is a beauty, casting is superb and smooth and highly detailed. Casting blocks and some flash is present but are light and easily cleaned up.


The tracks are individually cast resin links.




The thing is so pretty in the box it is almost a shame to build it.


The casting is very nice with no noticeable imperfections in my sample. 

The casting block and excess resin should be very simple to remove.

In resin kits can some parts be warp or distort (although dipping in warm water and straightening will easily remedy this) but in this samples no warp in any pieces, especially in the fenders.

Opening all the bags, I immediately come across the complete interior of the inner hull with the exception of the engine bay.

I confess I was not expecting that this kit had much of the interior which was a real surprise and very nice.



The kit includes a hull interior (the lower hull is made by 3 pieces: the floor and the two sides).


The hull floor and transmission are cast in one single piece, with a good attention to details, with no warp, and anti-slice floor as well.

Both hull sides are also very well cast and very good surface detail and with an easy cleaning.

The entire interior is well rendered and detailed.













There is a separate upgrade kit for the engine (catalogue #BM079 - to get it directly from Brach Model, click here.)   All the hatches are separate including the engine area.













All the driver's seat is complete with seat in photogravure and resin, gearbox, turn right and turn left brakes levers, pedals and instrument panel.


You will also get the two ammunitions racks with ammunition to put on it.






In the end you will get a full and busy interior right from the box.


Main body

Being a resin kit, that`s mean that the surface detail can be very delicate.
















So the upper hull surface parts and the turret has a definite cast texture and fine recessed detail. Two outstanding cast resin pieces.


I was quite surprise also with the fenders.

A single resin piece, very well cast. These two pieces are delicate and thin with a very appropriate scale without need of a photo-etched.







Despite being a single piece, both fenders show no distortion or warp which it`s a very good signal of the resin quality and the production control by Brach Model.


The unditching tail (reminiscent of a close “relative” – The FT J ) is very well detail, and looks like quite simply of put it all together.







Wheels and suspension:






The inner and idler wheels and upper wheels have a fantastic detail and very little to clean making this operation quite more pleasant.






Has we said before, the Renault R40 had 12 pairs of small road-wheels on each side mounted in pairs in each side of the hull.




Regarding to this point I was a bit afraid because the alignment of all 12 wheels.

However quite frankly I was very surprise and happy the clever solution.

Luciano Brach decided to group the pneumatic suspension and structure, making a single piece formed by the suspension and two wheels attached.






 Every single one, has a locating point allowing the modeler a greater security in alignment of all wheels relative to the hull.


Tracks links   The kit includes link-to-link resin tracks, with quite good detail and no cleaning need. The instructions don`t mention if they intended to click together so I tried so link them. My first thought was: these resin tracks can be a quite a task. So I decided to try out.








They are intended to click together, and they really click together. A delicate but simply task that in 30 seconds, I could easily in 30 seconds mount a track portion. RenaulR40-Brach-IIturn045_zps1b89b5eb.jp         Fantastic track links

        Passing now the the photoetched, there is 72 parts, since the interior to exterior detail, mainly being clamps, Renault placard, exhaust cover, etc, giving extra detail to the model.




The sheet is very well achieved, appearing to be quite easy to work out, small connections points and easy bending.



The instruction sheet is not a Meng ou Tamiya ones.

This model is intented for experient modeller, and for that I do know that this instructions would not be a problem.









There`s is no other information concerning decals or paint color guide for interior or camouflage, with no indications.   With this instructions the modeler will not need to use references to find the correct location of parts, but will need to dig out their references for interior and exterior/camouflage painting guides.



        The small sheet with three options is well registered, good colour saturation and quite thin.




As we said, no color indications for the camouflage.


Was quite hard to photograph the decal sheet because all the registration is in white.




Man I just love this lovelly Brach Models Renaul R40.

All of the resin is beautifully cast and has no flaw. There is a little flash in some areas, but this is so thin and will be easy to remove.

None of the castings suffer from seam lines, and while some items are cast on communal casting blocks, a small number are cast in a shallow mould and just have a thin membrane of resin to remove from between the parts, like the wheels sets and tracks.

Looking at the limited reference I do have, and with Google being my friend, Brach Models do seem to have pretty good job of the look of the beauty.

As far as accuracy goes, I have to admit I'm no expert on the Renault R40, but as far I can see, it really looks like the real thing.

Pricey? This is no mass-produced TamigawaMeng kit.  If you want a unique model that will stand out in any model contest or in your collection this is the one for you, or if you simply want to have a very good example of a Renault R40, just go for it, because it`s worth it.


Very highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to Brach Models for shipping this out to us in such a speedy manner. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.





(Full build model, courtesy from Brach Model)












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