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Thinning enamel for brush painting?


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Hi guys,

I need to do a bit of tricky brush painting inside something and plan to use enamel for it works better than acrylics. It needs to be slow drying. My question is can one use odorless mineral spirits for thinning it? Does it even need thinning. It will be MM Gloss white.



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I know, I did feel brave and now decided I might not be that brave after all. I need to find a better way here. It's for F-4B phantom intakes - the inside portion - not that visible (1:48 scale Academy). Matt, you dipped your F-16 intake into house paint right? Can you recommend it? What about spraying into the intakes and dipping into Future?

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One of our club members used to build airliners, and always bushed white (and silver,) and his finish was immaculate, so white can be brushed, but it needs care (don't look at me, I use an aerosol white primer, which can double as the top colour with the addition of a clear gloss varnish.) He always says that you should never brush backwards and forwards, since, by the time of a return stroke, the enamel will have started to dry, so you'll drag it off with the second pass.

If you thin the paint, you thin the covering power at the same time; with old Humbrol, we found that adding about 10% white spirit was (just about) acceptable.

One tip, which we always found useful, was to stand the tinlet in a dish of warm water; this had the effect of making the paint "runnier," without losing any covering power.

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Matt, Do you mean spraying the enamel or Vallejo or brushing, or dipping? The only whites I have are XF-2, MM Gloss White enamel and Gunze Lacquer Off-white. I use the kit intakes, with a seam which has been filled and sanded reasonably well but not perfectly.

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