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2014 has started to be a quite the year for us "Tread Heads". With new releases in injection form that use to be available in difficult, and horribly expensive, resin only. Dragons new line of "Black Label" kit's has started off with the US M-103A1. While supposedly released in January I have yet to receive mine. My model club, Temecula Valley Model Club, pre-orderd 6 of them. We got them at a great price so we are being patient. Black Label planned releases are, as of right now, the US MBT 70 and US M6 Heavy Tank. Artillery, both direct and indirect, seems to be getting aggressive also. As I receive about 2 to 3 emails a day from I will start posting some announcements here. 2014 is starting out very well for us armored guys. Waiting, praying/dreaming for for that elusive new mold AMX-13 and M-47.  

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I've also heard rumors that Trumpeter is planning to do a big slate of Great War tanks. With the way Meng and Takom are pressing though, they'd better get a move on.

​And a move on right friggin' now. You can count the types of Great War tanks and not run out of fingers on one hand. Wondering when the German A7V is coming put and by who.

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