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Long Wire Antenna


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Ralph I got your PM and Address  I'll get them in the mail in the morning you should get it in a couple of days I think the .006 is a little out of scale for 1/32 but I have used it for 1/24 scale I'll also send you a few little extras tidbits I scored tiny white and black beads that can be used for insulators I have used Elmer's White glue and Super glue for insulators also for a lone time.




Thanks so much Paul I look forward to using the line. I admit that the black hobby thread doesn't look quit to scale or reality but it's the best I had at the time. I really enjoy hearing from and learning things on the forum and other sources to increase my skill level. I look forward to building another JU88 using all that I have learned and with my Neo Airbrush on the way I look forward to a whole new world of painting and detailing!

Have a great day.


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Can't speak for any other nation, of course, but U.K. aerials were stainless steel, so shouldn't be black; they were multi-stranded, too, but that's way beyond my abilities, even in 1/24.



Yea multi-stranded is way beyond my skill set also Edgar, lol!! But again I look forward to using all the kind advice shared on the forum. My skill set increased two fold on my latest BF 110 build. I used dry brushing and weather techniques using washes etc. Also used new glues and filling products. I look forward to continuing to learn the hobby :-)



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