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Lucky Model sale, HK Meteor going cheap

Guest Kagemusha

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Guest Kagemusha

There is a sale on Lucky Model at present, so for example the HK Meteor is available at $86.18 shipped  by air to the UK - you'll need to use discount code LMA to get a further 11% - and if you set your account preferences regards shipping correctly   coolio.gif  it'll sail through customs.


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Saw your post in the Fisher Meteor thread on LSP, just ordered myself one ready for Pauls F.8 conversion, cheers for the heads up!!


Anniversary Discount … Extra Savings

11% OFF on any purchase of US$60 or more (coupon code: LMA)
15% OFF on any purchase of US$120 or more (coupon code: LMB)
20% OFF on any purchase of US$250 or more (coupon code: LMC)



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