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  1. We had a great day, can't help but think the displays were very sedate though, I appreciate they are priceless air frames but every aircraft did virtually the same display. I've seen much more lively displays in the past, I think the Seafury and Avenger and Wildcat were probably the highlights.
  2. Enjoyed following this build, must be a subject close to your heart. End result was worth all the effort, bring it to Telford?
  3. Top job. I wonder what relics still exist inside North Korea?! Yaks, Lavochkins who knows what else?!
  4. Throw in a gun pack and Nightfighter option and I may very well be in!
  5. Nice looking Fu€#er! love the research you've done throughout, this has turned into a mini how to build guide! Have SilverWings seen this thread yet, I'd imagine they'll be pretty chuffed with how their kit is turning out.
  6. Superb. The weathering on the bombs is a highlight for me.
  7. For such a cheap readily available kit (here at least) you don't see many of these built at shows. You've proved there's a great kit in there with a tonne of effort! And I hope you've initiated Sod's law and HK will now announce a state of the art Beau!
  8. Thanks! It was driving me mad trying to figure out what they were for!
  9. 1/32 De Havilland DH.103 Hornet HpH Catalogue# HPH32024R Available from HpH €184,00 Some aircraft are born destined for greatness, revered as classics or even given legend status. Aircraft like the Spitfire, Mustang or Zero are part of their respective nations identities and are celebrated in the mainstream by people with relatively little knowledge of aircraft; others have a cult following amongst enthusiast, celebrated by those more informed on such matters. The De Havilland DH103 Hornet is one such aircraft. Effectively a scaled down Mossie it borrowed much from its larger sibli
  10. Love the wood in the tail wheel bay, one of those details that add realism!
  11. I belive they started making unique or one off models, a kickstarted campaign would be a good idea, perhaps we could get some subjects we've always wanted made?!
  12. With enough filler and patience anything is possible. Would mean sacrificing the open engine option.
  13. They raise the bar with every kit! Although the lack off Swiss chocolate means I'll have to pass on this one :p
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