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1:35 Conversion Sets for Pz. Kpfw IA and Pz. Kpfw IB - Brach Model


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1:35 Conversion Sets for Pz. Kpfw IA and Pz. Kpfw IB




Brach Model
Catalogue # BM102, BM103, BM107 and BM111)
Available from Brach Model for € 28 to €32


Brach Model always gave the modelers, exotic models and conversions sets that enhance your model and make then a show stopper.

And always at the highest quality as you can also tell for the last items release by Brach full reviewed on LSM.

Today we got four of the nine new conversions sets release by Brach Model, which we will analyze with attention


These four new conversion sets for Pz. I (two for Pz.Ia and two for Pz.Ib) are with no doubt, very welcome for AFV modelers, in particularly, Wehrmacht fans.


1.serie/La.S. Chassis sheet-metal turret by Krupp

(To Dragon & Tristar PZ.Kpfw.IA)

Catalogue BM111

9 resin pieces



This conversion set offers a new upper hull with all the details, a small decal sheet, a new metal turret with hatch (with option open or closed).












The upper hull of the donor kit is completely replaced by two new pieces in resin, which Brach has no distortion, and with great and accurate detail, faithfully reproducing the surface of the fenders as well as wrapping other small details like the screws.


There no interior given on the new metal turret, so I think the open option only should apply if you put a commander figure on the open hatch.






The new metal turret introduces to yourself without any distortion, or strain, and with good exterior details like the hinges on several hatches.

The fit between this new roasting and the upper hull looks good, not so at first glance, with no problem.  

The casting is as always, professional and the highest quality.


Indeed the entire upper hull is transformed little by exploiting the donor kit hull, without having to do any surgery because several top guards is provided as well as front armor (hull upper front panel), all parts with the thickness of the scale, nicely without any casting flash and distortion.












One small decal sheet is given with just two yellow hearts and one white circle.

 As hard as I try, I didn`t found anything about the version and this particularly marking.










I look in everything and try hard to find but on my books (I only have two about PzI, but nothing) and googleing I simply didn`t found a clue about these markings.

I have to admit I have never encountered this version anywhere.

Is really disappointing to know nothing about this one, and didn`t found nothing also.

The instructions doesn`t give you a clue about markings and colours…

The instructions are quite simple and basic, more than enough to get this conversion on the right track.


3,7cm Pak35/36 auf Pz.Kpfw. IA

(To Dragon & Tristar PZ.Kpfw.IA)

Catalogue # BM102

20 resin pieces and one aluminum barrel.




This one you just get a beautiful 3,7cm PAK to put on the top of your Pz.Ia.




The anti-tank gun is well known of the intensive use and very well know be all modelers, so no history briefing is needed.


This conversion you will get a full detail 3,7cm Pak35/36 and front armor, with some finesse details like screws and weld seam, a turn-metal barrel and the socket that adapt the 3,7cm to the upper hull of the donator kit.
























The PaK 35 has some crispy and small details and to get it right, the instruction have all the small pieces, clearly identified, with a small drawing of PaK35 profile with identification of parts for better tracking in construction.







No colour options or markings are given.


Pz. Kpfw. IB Ladungsleger + “Stuka zu Fuβ” 28cm

(To Dragon PZ.Kpfw.IB)


Catalogue # BM107

39 resin pieces




This set brings you two famous weapons: the landunsleger and the Stuka zu Fuss.


The ladungsleger (or explosives layer) is a field modification kit that was mounted on the rear deck of an Ausf B tank and used to lay explosives to defeat field fortifications. A number of vehicles were given these “kits”, with authorized use on the armored engineers company of each Pioneer Battalion - (source- deutsche Panzer – action publications  - 1917-1945 by Uwe Feist, published by Aero Publishers, Inc)

Also you get a Stuka zu Fuss or, the Wurfrahmen 40 ("launch frame 40") was a German World War II multiple rocket launcher. It combined a vehicle such as the SdKfz 251 halftrack, captured ex-French Renault UE Chenillette or the Pz.Kpfw.IB, with rocket artillery to form a more mobile and protected artillery piece than the towed Nebelwerfer. It was nicknamed Stuka zu Fuss ("Stuka on Foot" or "Walking Stuka") and Heulende Kuh ("Bellowing Cow").

Introduced in late 1940, the weapon system was a framework with adjustable base plates fitted over and alongside a vehicle which could hold 300 mm high explosive (HE) rockets; 280 mm HE and 320 mm incendiary rockets were also used, the rockets being fired while in their loading crates. Although spin stabilized, the rockets were not as accurate as conventional artillery and reloading was time consuming due to the rocket's weight. Rockets were ripple-fired in large numbers where feasible to quickly saturate a target. The Wurfrahmen 40 was successful in service as a support weapon for the mobile Panzer formations, particularly in urban areas.


This set will precisely bring this fiel modification and the multiple launch rocket to be placed in a Pz IB, making it more different bond point.




This set is the one has more resin pieces of all the four, in the total of 39 pieces.


Brings the entire support structure Landun with delicate pieces with perfect casting.






However the main structure, in my sample, is a little bending, nothing that hot water wouldn’t solve.







The Stuka zu Fuss structure has only two boxes to house bringing explosives however gives the modeler, four explosives rockets which lets you use two of them in a small diorama or vignette.












The rockets pieces are with exquisite detail, easy to remove from the resin blocks detail, with only the seam line to be rubbed easily.





The side platforms that support all the rocket boxes and the explosives rockets has a thickness scale and detail in high and low relief high level, typical from Brach Model.  







Both structures have many, many small details that allow accurate construction.


The instructions are the same as the others, being vague about the contact points as well as identification of parts and its construction, excluding only novice modelers.







A simple conversion without any change in the donor kit, which allowed to give a new look to the Pz IB.


5cm Pak 38 auf Pz.Kpfw. IB

(To Dragon PZ.Kpfw.IB)

Catalogue # BM107

32 resin pieces and one aluminum turned barrel.





Now the Last but not the Least.


The 5 cm Pak 38 (L/60) (5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 38 (L/60)) was a German anti-tank gun of 50 mm caliber.

 It was developed in 1938 by Rheinmetall-Borsig AG as a successor to the 37 mm PaK 36, and was in turn followed by the 75 mm Pak 40.

The PaK 40 gives to the Ausf B a more powerful and respectful look.


In this set, the modeler gets likewise a beautiful Pak 38, with lots and sharp details, shelve of boxes of ammunition and aluminum cannon with resin nuzzle.









The nuzzle is a resin piece with crispy details and a hollow month.





The armor front has scale thickness with great detail, with rivets and hinges well represented.



The PaK 38 has very interesting details, and great detail, having been a part of Brach, great care in detailing this piece, which will give a new look to the Pz IB.























Also one this one, no decals are given.

These instructions, as this set have smaller parts, these are properly identified early on.

















Precisely because it is the set with a larger number of small parts and details, these instructions are a little different, bringing greater information guiding the modeler and schematic drawings well done.



So Brach is not a new face on the modelling world, so their quality and originality are no news to modeler.

All four conversions will give the modeler some very good modelling times because they are not complicated as they don`t require any plastic removal surgery.

Parts are added to the donor kit, or simply replace the kit parts donor directly.

Without having to do any surgery, allows all but the most novice modeler, to take these conversions a try.

The resin parts are casting in light gray with no bubbles in any single one of them. Only one has small bending, and the rocket explosives have the seam lines that are easily removed.

All the the casting blocks are easy to remove block removal, the best on the market. This, besides the themes, the originality, the quality and detail, is a strong point to Brach Model.

The absence of any information plus the fact of not having found anything regarding decals BM111 is disappointing as I already said.... The remaining conversions also say nothing concerning camouflage or brands, forcing modelers to resort to their references.

Brach's instructions were not made for the unwary or novice modeler but for the average or experienced modeler. Starting from this premise, the instructions, not perfect or brilliant, are sufficient.

If the improvement of instruction leads to an increase in the final price, I think this is not necessary or desirable for the modeler who still manages some spectacular sets conversions at the right price.   

Highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to Brach Models for the review samples and all the support given.

To purchase this directly, click THIS link.




If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!



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