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Forum changes randomly of view

Guest Ninetalis

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Guest Ninetalis

Hey all, I have a minor problem to bring to light.

When I'm at school and take a little break, check up on the forum, The website acts very strange...


At certain moments, I just get this view, it happens when I get to the starting pages of the forum and any topic's.



If I just go to my content, or view new content, or even write this message, I get the regular view from the forum as we 'all' know it.



Not having this at home, but I wonder if anybody else has this problem (like people who aren't registered on the forum).

Would this be a problem caused by the computer or browser itself? (it's a mac, using Safari, but I have the same one at home with no problems at all)

Maybe it's a problem caused by CSS (or any other simular code you guys might use).


Could also be caused by some stupid rules and limitations they've put on the computers, but it would surprise me.


Hope this helps,

with regards, Ninetalis.

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Guest Ninetalis

I surely have no technical IT-guy explanation to this, but sometime have this appearance on my computer at home, too. I then simply reload the page hitting STRG+F5 and all is fine.

Nope, appearance stays the same, even after I hit reload, and it has been since the first of the launch that those computer(s) have the problems.

I do recall that on the previous Spar I sometimes had the same problem, but here it only seems to happen certain pages,

that's why I think that it could be a CSS-style problem, it could be that the IT 'masters' use the same CSS style page for the Homepage and the topic's,

Or that a certain code causes this problem on some computers/browsers that is only to be found at those certain CSS files.

I'm not a web-designer or Programmer at hart, but I know enough to know what can be achieved with it.


At home I have the same computer, use the same program and nothing of the same sort happens at mine.

Just wanted to make sure if I wasn't the only one.


Thanks for the answer anyway Thomas!

Just wanted to let you guys know, but refreshing does not help.

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Guest Ninetalis

I guess Jim and his more knowledgeable members on this will have a look on this when the SPAR forum has been rebuild and they had their so much deserved recreation.


Agreed!  :D 

It's not like it is urgent anyway  ;)

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Guest Ninetalis

Hello, maybe this helps,
But I'm having the same problems on another sort of computer in another part of school.
(Older Imac's, but also with safari, of course).

I also see these problems in your new launched SP&R forums.
Just to let you know, maybe it helps...

With regards, Ninetalis.

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Guest Ninetalis

I know, it is strange, It's just strange that it happens on certain pages,

also strange that I'm not having these problems on my computer at all, just at school.

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  • Administrators

I'll try and re-cache the skins. Sometimes that can fix things like this. If it's not that, but only specific to those machines, then I would guess that's where the problem might be. I access on my laptop, mobile and iPad with no problems.

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