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Tamiya 1/48 Ki 46 Dinah


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This was started at the beginning of 2013 and stalled ever since. I'm hoping by posting it I will get some enthusiasm to keep plodding along on it in between other stuff


This is a nice kit, cockpit painted using Tamiya xf71 cockpit green. I lightened it with xf 3 yellow and post shaded. The black is Tamiya Nato black.


It was then cleared with automotive acrylic clear thinned with gp thinner. A wash of oils followed then a coat of Humbrol flat clear. Dry brushed with a mix of MM RLM 62 and Humbrol matt 24 yellow. I did 2 rounds of oils and dry brushing to get the desired effect.



Seat straps are made out of lead foil and painted Humbrol 93 and weathered with pigments.Seat cushions painted with Humbrol 155 and washed with oils, drybrushed with Hum 121. All instruments picked out by brush using Humbrol enamels. I used Testors clear canopy glue for the guages. General weatherng was achieved with pastls and chipping/scratches using Derwent colored pencils



Ficticious placards also added using bare metal foil for added interest.Final finish is Humbrol flat clear. Hope you enjoy the pics,


cheers Bevan

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Once again love the seatbelt!! I watched a Flory Models video about making seatbelt with Tamiya Masking Tape along with forming your owwn buckles etc and have been a homemade convert ever since! I however have switched from Tamiya Tape to Johnson/Johnson first aid bandaging tape as it is actually woven cloth so it looks more realistic plus it's much more supple!

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