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  1. Hell yeah baby!!
  2. Looking really nice Jeroen. Not long now!
  3. Hi Rob, yep the tail wheel is on purpose. I've seen photos of 109's like that after being towed or pushed. I think it looks cool and adds a tiny bit of interest. Thanks for you kind comments Cheers Bevan
  4. Torben, thanks for your kind comments. I haven't seen nor heard about TanModels Su27K. Will be interesting to see though. Cheers Bevan
  5. Whatever is going, just have to make sure to add the mojo
  6. Looking good Cees, can't wait to see a splash of colour with the Dutch markings. WAY TO GO! Bevan
  7. Too kind Mike, too kind! I get a lot of inspiration from my mate Ralph Riese.
  8. Finished this one before June last year and was intended for the 1945 group build here but never made it. Great kit and goes together well. I used some of Barracudacast's resin bits including small wheel bulge inserts, exhausts, spinner, blades, main wheels and the little cowling vents. Also one of Roy's decal sheets as well. Thanks for looking Bevan
  9. Thanks Coolbox glad you like her. And yes it's pretty big. Thanks GusMac. Yep a lot more schemes to choose from with the "A" variant. Thanks Mike. I'll post some pics of the G10 as well.
  10. Here is Trumpeter's 1/32 Mig 29K built straight from the box. Really no problems building this kit which made it quite enjoyable. Thanks for looking Bevan
  11. Very nice indeed, you've produced an excellent result. The paint is excellent. Cheers Bevan
  12. Nice one Brent, saw this one over on LSP. Taking it to Expo this year? Haven't got anything at the mo to put up in the catagory! Cheers Bevan
  13. Wow! Now that's a looker! Great camo work. Cheers Bevan
  14. Looking really nice Cees. The windshield came up a treat, great stuff. Cheers Bevan.
  15. HPH

    Don't see many of these built................... in any scale! Keep up the great work James. Cheers Bevan