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F 104S ASA MM 6909 (37-23) 18th Gruppo Trappani AB 1993


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I've tried before with you lot with NIL response but I thought I'd give you another chance to impress me with your knowledge of things aeronautical, so here goes!!

I'm on with the 1/32nd Italeri F104S and am getting to the stage of working out what was a typical load out for the Italian Zippers  - I'm thinking tip tanks, wing tanks and 2 x AIM9Ls'. Now then, I've seen that they generally carried the centreline pylon but it was hardly ever seen with anything on it. I know it had the ability to use the twin Sidewinder pylon under the fuselage but again I can't find any photos of it ever being used by the Italian Air Force.

What do you think boys?

I'll get on with growing a very long beard while I wait for a response!!


Steve S.

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