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Dioramas Accessories Sets - Acid Container; U.S. Blood Bank Marmite, Bottles and Mines signs!


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Diorama Accessories Sets


(Acid Containers, PET Botles, U.S. Blood Bank Marmites, Boards “Achthung Mines” )
Available from 
Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text


Once again and always from the past few years, Plus Models came to the rescue with some original diorama accessories items that will give a little extra to your work, because of their quality and originality.

        All sets are in 1:35 and they come in the standard Plusmodel box, being the full build model the box art.

All of the items very well packaged, with the all the parts coming inside of a bubble bag.


Acid Containers


(5 resin pieces and 8 Photo-etched and one decals sheet to two containers)


Price tag: 26,70$ (18,70€) – directly from Plusmodel.


The set is a quite simple and effective one if you can paint it properly.


There`s no assembly required, no decals and of course no instructions.



The five resin pieces are in single pieces, molded in crystal clear resin, and with very little to clean up, just the resin cast on the bottom.

The casting is top quality as usual and the details is quite outstanding. All the jugs are solid so to represent them full or half full or empty, you have to get that effect through painting.




Is almost like buying full done. But no… you need to paint it and can use the box art as a painting guide.


U.S. Blood Bank Marmites

 (8 resin pieces and 1 Photo-etched sheet and one decal sheet)


Price tag: 20,60$ (14,50€) – directly from Plusmodel.




Before getting to the inside box review, this set really intricate me because I never have seen nothing like this on war pictures.


So I try to look up for something on the net and (unlike the acid containers), after looking for quite some time, I found out that this ones are M1941 Marmite Cans, that were used mainly in blood transportation.


Got some pictures from the web:








marmite2_zps2a28851d.jpg  blood_pail_lettering_3_zps66c45a2d.jpg




Just love this on a C-47.




Taking a look on the set, it brings you eight resin cans, a small photo-etch sheet and some decals.






The resin parts are in grey color and are very well cast. The only cleaning is a slight seam line in one side, along the entire side but quite easy to be remove. The resin casting block is simple to remove.





The side carry handles are molded in resin and at a rest position, which is quite a pity, because it restrain a lot the use on a diorama.




The latch system is all in photo-etched, so is quite fine and delicate. You should have great care to handle it but looks easy to put on the marmite.


And for the first time on a Plusmodel set something is quite wrong: We have 8 marmites, 8 top bars….but it only have 4 latches… It`s necessary an extra photo-etched set to finish and complete all the 8 marmites. This happens at least on my review samples.

So nothing like asking them, and Petr from Plusmodel reply me telling that`s in fact a mistake that happens on the first serie, but all the second serie will have two photo-etched sheet. Mine new sheet is on the way.




The decals are very well printed, with words that look quite alike on the real photos

The instructions are the typical ones from Plusmodel, simple drawings but quite perceptible and intuitive






 PET Bottles

(32 resin pieces and one decal sheet)


Price tag: 17$ (11,90€) – directly from Plusmodel.





This set come in a plastic box with 32 bottles, 8 of them in green color, two different greens.





The transparent ones are in 3 bottles types, giving extra options from the modeler.

 The bottles are in clear resin (incolor and green color), very well cast, with no bubbles and an easy block resin removal.









The bottles types are the tipical ones so it will fit in every modern scenery.





The decal sheet brings option for all the types.. You got “Coca-Cila”, Pepsi logo and other brands well hidden on the decals, just to protect Plusmodel for eventual copyright issues. Maybe some modelers can`t live with that and make own brand decals. In 1:35 scale, in a environment diorama, it simply not be notice, I think. So for me, the decals are real fine.



Boards "Achtung Minen"


Price tag: 15,80$ (11,10€) – directly from Plusmodel.





And the last but not the least, a set of laser cut wooden mine warning signs.

There`s no much to talk about because pictures speak for themselves.








The engraved “Actung Mines” sentence with a skull in the middle is fantastic with the modeler is presented with two different type of warning, 15 of each.


A very realistic one, on real wood with some very good scale dimension.


Having also 1:48 mine warnings signs is pretty clear the actual scale size of both of them, and they really look ok.



These three sets of accessories for dioramas translate once again well Plusmodel philosophy: originality, quality and versatility.

The quality is of the highest level, with castings at most higher standard and detail is one of the best in modeling world.

One major problem I found in the Us Blood Marmite was detected by plusmodel and the second serie will have two photo-etched sheet.

These accessories allow its use in one scenario as in several, depending on the intention of the modeler.

Also these sets will stand out on your diorama or vignette giving a detail of class.


Very Highly recommended


With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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