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1:32 Crewmen – Pilot & Observer 1916/1918

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1:32 Crewmen – Pilot & Observer 1916/1918 – To fits WnW LVG and Hannover

The Fusilier

Catalogue n.º FUS 54/13

Price tag: £25






The Fusilier is a brand of one man: Steve Warrilow.

Anyone who is in the WWI world knows his name.

He dedicates to sculpt beautiful figures, only of the Great War.


And if it was The Fusilier name on it, that´s for sure, a quality product.


The Fusilier was established in 1992 after some Great Years Sculpting & Casting. The Figures were in the scales of mainly 1:24th 75/80mm and 1:32nd and a large Trench Store Accessories List, all Cast in white metal in number about 150 items.


Having stopped sculpting/trading for a short period Steve was Sculpting for Peter Jackson & Wingnut Wings, for the “one day to be release” WnW figures.


The figures we are looking at, in this review, are the Crewmen to fit LVG or Hannover WnW model kits (Ref- Fus 53/13 and 13a).


This figure pack came in small but sturdy hard plastic box.




Inside you get two full figures, both in full resin, in a grey color.


Parts were safely secured in a sort of cotton and all the resin are very well cast, smooth, and with no bubbles at all or imperfections.


The pilot itself has five pieces.

The main body has almost all body with left hand.

















The feet, right hand and head comes separately.

The scarf to cover his face, aviator sunglasses and fabric cloth characteristics are spectacular.




The body posture is very natural with great details on clothing and headgear and belts...


I love the detail of the scarf at the back of the pilot. You can just fell the dynamics of movement.


The shoes are well sculpted but unlikely to be very visible.




The colors are presented in a table that is broken the two figures, with indications of what colors to use in several details of the figure, since the gloves, the shoes and the glasses ...


The scarf and her beautification and painting is the description the modeler.



The gunner / observer is a single piece, with separately boots and two heads to choose from.




In this figure, rather more, and enhance the quality of the clothing detail including skin coat and delightful details of the garment.










The boots have no distortion or bubbles are well cast.





The two heads have high quality casting and detail, allowing the modeler to choose which ones wants to use.




This figure has many interesting details, from the glasses through the mustache, giving him a typical look from the beginning of the twentieth century.


The other face has a kind of mysterious look, with aviator sunglasses and a scarf to cover the entire face from the cold.


Both sat well with the dynamics of the body, this dynamic as well accomplished.



This figure as the first is a tremendous quality, maintaining the highest quality of these figures.





These crewmen are quite smooth, with a natural pose that would be a showstopper on a LVG or Hannover.

I must confess that I really not a big fan of crewmen figures because I fell that they are out of context…If the aircraft is in a diorama how the hell I´m going to put an aircraft on free flight?? I don`t have the techniques and the talent to do that.

However these figures are very well sculpted that they can perfectaly be put on the aircraft taking with some ground crew, while the plane is stop. They are simply perfect for that and for me, that`s enough… No doubt that I will be using these ones in near future. Just perfect.


These are perfect to stand on your shelf along with other stuff on WWI, mainly WnW.


        Highly recommended.



          My sincerely thanks to Steve Warrilow, the man behind The Fusiler for the review samples and for his patience.




 (You can buy directly here  and if you do don`t forget to mention Wingnut Wing Fans and Large Scale Modeller)




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