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Scale finsh flats/gloss questions


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I noticed several great builds that the finish was dead flat which made the model to look like a model

in reality 1to1 scale the finish was more a semi gloss finish and some areas around engine were glossy from Castor oil spray


so what I want to achieve is a semi gloss finish but I find that some gloss and flat finish are not exactly what I want


does anybody have a suggestion

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Very interesting - you only need to look around you to see that light plays many different tricks over surfaces.


I actually used Gloss, Semi, Satin and Matt on my Eindecker build - the most notable areas are the leather trimmings and also the wings - glossy where the fabric is tight and then matt in the gullies.


Also you can see how the castor oil changes the finish on the turned aluminum of the cowling.(the flat Alum bends the light to make it flatter while also bringing the turned Alum areas much brighter) Also direction of the light plays a huge effect - in this photo I used a single natural light source..... the sun.





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