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Tamiya 1/35 M4A3 Sherman Tank

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My Tamilya 1/35 US M4A3 Sherman MediumTank build thread!




First attempt at painting figures!!! Now that's tedious work!!




Scratch building a rolled up canvas cover and ditch logs for the side of the Sherman this morning!!




Pretty pleased with my tissue based OD canvas roll. Should look cool attached to the Sherman's side. Also in the process of fashioning a few bed rolls for the crew.




Well my scratch built canvas canopy roll, bed rolls, ditch logs and 76mm high velocity gun came out pretty good if I must say so myself!!






Scratch built 76mm high velocity gun mounted to the turret!
Also added armor plating on either side of the hull to protect ammo storage areas!




Before the paint shop crew went home for the evening they kindly primed the Sherman interior white since we'll be displaying it with figures. They also primed the gun.




A little under the weather today so just a bit of progress on the Sherman. Completed three drive assembles and join the upper and lower hulls!







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Excellent job!  You have really become quite the prolific builder and your scratch building is top notch.




Thanks Wayne. I'm enjoying all my new found skill sets. Scratch built a tent pole storage pod last night for the Sherman hull side!



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I know people dismiss Tamiya Shermans, but they're absolutely lovely kits that throw together very, very quickly. I built their M4 Early Production a few years ago and got through main assembly in a few hours. Definitely not up to Dragon or Tasca levels of detail, but it just builds so well.


As an FYI, the 76mm wasn't fitted to the standard Sherman turret (at least not that I've ever seen) but to the larger T23 turret. Don't let that stop you, just, info for the future!


Yea I realized that after I making the gun so decided to take "artistic license" and install it, lol!! Just looks better with the bigger gun!! You’re right about the kit, it is a dream to build and should look cool all detailed up.

This is my fourth armor kit and I have yet to expand my armor horizons to other manufactures chiefly due to the enjoyment I’ve found in building Tamiya armor. I just received a Tamiya Bradley with full interior I’m looking forward to building!! Any suggestions on that kit??

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