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How to Photograph Scale Models Book


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How to Photograph Scale Models.

Written by JM. Villabla.

Published by Andrea Press.

Available from Amazon and Historex Agents for £13.45.




Well to call this a book is maybe an over exagreation, its effectively a Magazine Format and sized bookazine, a bit like those you see in WH Smith and such places.  That said the content is really good, there are some great guidelines and its really good generally in my opinion.


Everypne knows JM. Villalba for his Modelling skills and techniques and I guess he figured it'd be useful to show how he photographs his models and shows them at their best.  


So, on to the contents:


There are 48 pages consisting of 6 chapters along with a few subchapters in each, these are:


Chapter 1: Pictures and Scale Models which is the introduction,

Chapter 2: Photography Basics - This chapter is about the basics around Focus, Depth of Field, Exposure, ISO and parameters used for cameras and other photographic kit,

Chapter 3: Cameras - This chapter si all about camera choices,

Chapter 4: Photography Set - This chapter is all about how to set up backgrounds and settings for photographing models,

Chapter 5: Set Lighting - This chapter is all about the various types of lighting and filters that can be used on these lights,

Chapter 6: Shooting Scale Models - This chapter is all about how to shoot your models, including angles and settings.


The whole book is very well illustrated, some great models and where appropriate it goes into depth on the various camera settings.  














As you can see from my (not great) pictures the book is very well illustrated and as far as I am concerned its well worth getting.

Whilst Im learning more about photography and in particular of taking pictures of models I try to read as much as I can and whilst I have read a lot of what is in this before but on other subjects I think its well worth having given its particular speciality around photographing models.


It unsurprisingly uses Andrea Models and Andrea paints and equipment in a lot of the diagrams but thats to be expected I suppose given this is published by Andrea Press. There's no particular pointers towards a specific camera but it does talk about using point and click, Digital SLRs and even tablet and phone cameras.


I bought this from the Historex Amazon seller but is available direct from Andrea Press too.


Highly Recommended.




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