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  1. Thanks Rob. I have to admit the winner for me so far is the Thunder Models kit.
  2. So, I finally got something done this weekend on both of the engines. I went slightly off instructions, as you do, so that I could compare the engines as sub assemblies. There are quite a few differences but I will discuss each engine on its own before moving to the comparison. The IBG Engine. The IBG Engine is spread across a couple of sprues (G and H) along with 2 pieces from the PE Fret, notably a bracket and the cooling fan. It's a pretty simple affair and on its own it looks like quite a decent shot at an engine. However, once compared to the Thunder Models engine it does look to be a little bit simplified due to the lack of some details and some of the pipework. More of that later. The IBG plastic feels a bit soft and when cut with sprue cutters doesn't give that satisfying click like perhaps Tamiya plastic does but otherwise its fine to work with, sands well and I had no problem with the liquid cement I use, Slaters MekPak. The PE is good, bends well and is quite sturdy. The lack of detail on the fan stands out a bit on the PE but one is unlikely to see much of it once the model is complete even if the engine panels are left off the model. The instructions are clear, there weren't any issues there at all and I do like the fact that the completed assembly at the end of each stage is shown, I think thats a very nice touch that other manufacturers ought to copy if possible. Altogether not bad and looking at the references it looks to be pretty accurate other than some of the simplicities. The Thunder Models Engine. The Thunder Models Engine is spread across quite a few sprues (A, B, C D and E) along with 2 pieces from the PE Fret, a filler cap and the cooling fan. Compared to the IBG engine it is a lot more detailed, and seems to have more detail in that the parts themselves seem to be more intricate. The engine is also broken down into smaller pieces, with the engine block being 7 pieces compared to the IBG one which is 4. All in more detail and more intricate than the IBG one. The Thunder Models plastic is harder, perhaps more brittle and when cut with sprue cutters it does give that satisfying click, it also sands well and I also had no issues using MekPak. I did manage to snap the fanbelt (and a piece of it was claimed by the carpet monster whcih I will need to fix. Its clearly visible in the phot'o's here. The PE is a little thinner and more fragile than the IBG etch. It bends well but feels a bit flimsy. There is also a lack of detail on the fan so maybe this is just what the real thing is like, though references seem to show otherwise. The instructions are pretty clear though I think not as good as the IBG ones. I think they could, in something that could be as complex as an engine, be a little more clear in places. It's a small issue but given the number of pieces I think they could have put them all on a couple of sprues like the IBG one, even with more parts in play here. It's a personal thing but jumping between sprues for small fiddly parts is slightly annoying. Someone with a small bench and limited space may get a little annoyed by the back and forth between sprues. What I like the the IBG model is lacking is the callouts for paint by Thunder Models. They are all MIG colours and there is no conversion chart but this shouldn't be too difficult to convert to your paint preference. In summary then the Thunder Models looks to be more detailed and accurate than the IBG one and is less simplified but spread across more sprues and has less sturdy PE. Side by Side When the engines are seen side by side the differences are really easy to see. The Thunder Models engine looks much more impressive. The other surprise is that the Thunder Models engine is also larger, noticeably so when side by side. Which one is correct i do not know as the references I have do not give dimensions for the engine itself. They may be different engines, though I doubt it given the similarities, even when taking into account the difference in detail. With respect to detail its a clear win for the Thunder Models kit. However, the IBG kit has more sturdy PE and for those not bothered about displaying the engine is probably good enough. In my case I want to open the IBG engine up and close up the Thunder Models one which had me thinking of swapping the engines between kits (to have the mode detailed Thunder Models engine in the IBG Tractor) on show. However, the size difference may be an issue there so some detailing of the IBG engine, using the Thunder Models one as the reference may be on the cards. Hopefully that gives everyone an idea of what it's like so far. Neither kit so far has major issues, other than losing some of the fan belt on the Thunder Models kit, which I'll probably remedy at some stage. More to come soon I hope with the Chassis and suspension to come before the builds split when the Tractor gets its crane and the Transporter gets its trailer turntable fitted.
  3. Thanks Rob, Yes saw that Thunder Models are doing more of them. I also bought the new radiator from their website for 1 Euro. It seems from their website that they were quite close to IBG at one point but now upset that IBG had the Heavy Breakdown Tractor planned and didnt say anything. Still for me a little choice goes a long way.
  4. Hi all, It's been a while, busy year last year. I got both of these kits for Christmas and so I thought I would do a comparison build on the tractor itself. I know there are a few differences, not least that one has a trailer and the other has a load carrier with a crane in it but I thought it might be of interest to some. I also got the Army Wheels in detail book and its pretty good so I will be using that for reference and maybe some detailing if I can fit it in. I doubt it'll be a fast build, may take me all yea for all I know as work is busy and once the flying season starts that usually takes up a lot of my free time. Lets hope it allows me to get some lost mojo back though So for starters this is what I have, hope to start building them over the next few days.
  5. Thanks Rob. Yes needs a few touchups and changes. Jsut fancied something a bit different. May do their Normandy Airborne guys next. Really nice kits and look great together.
  6. Well this guy I thought was complete but after the photo's have noticed he needs a bit more work. Mitches Military Models do full figures and busts and I love their work. Last year I picked this and a few others up and this is the first one I have tried. Been a long while, over 15 yeras, since I did any figures but really enjoyed this one so going to do a few more. Figured (no pun intended) that he is an LSM given his scale. So what did I notice post pictures? Well he needs eyebrows, his T-shirt is too gloss and needs to be flattened down and I'm not 100% happy with the eyes or the drawn on (with coloured markers) shoddy attempt at the 8th airforce emblem. Need to fix these up
  7. Hi Rob, The figures came with the kit. Was one of the perks of getting them on release. Not sure if they are available separately Im afraid. J.
  8. Nothing sadly. Work manic and not been anywhere near the man cave for a long, long time
  9. Only built the lower hull of mine, up to about issue 46 even though I have up to issue 81 too. Will be watching with interest as I think my life will be busy with work for at least the next few months
  10. Very nice mate. Like it a lot Love the figure and the grass mat too
  11. Mine arrives tomorrow Cant wait now, thanks Jim
  12. Very nice. Love that grey and red scheme too.
  13. I have an M3D. Good but could be better. Was only $399 plus postage to the UK though. Thinking I need a better one soon and will probably go with an Ultimaker or something like it. Great fun though, not that Ive ever printed anything useful for modelling. Mostly printed stuff for my Phantom 3. J.
  14. Thanks Dr_GN. Thats all very useful thanks and very much appreciated J.
  15. This looks bloody marvellous. I love that Old Ironside scheme too, first Ive ever seen it as I know little of B25's. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this.
  16. Thanks for the nice words Brundledonk. I wondered if somewhere in the Airbrush is some cleaner or something thats contaminating it Im usually very careful when cleaning the brush out but maybe now and then something gets in there or some paints are more susceptible. I know what you mean, I have had it here and there before with all sorts of paints, I just wonder if my airbrush is in need of a good deep clean. The figures are stunning. The detail in them is amazing and the fact that things like the Bomb Aimers helmet is so well rendered amazes me how they do these to this standard.
  17. Finally some actual progress. Work busy, litrally all over the place and not been in the UK for very long at a spell since November. Anyway enough of the excuses here we go. Managed to get some paint down on the Cockpit and the Engine Nacelle structures. Been using Ammo WW2 British Cockpit Set so the colour is A.MIG 219. Ive been having some issues airbrushing this in that it, in places, just doesn't want to stay in place which manifests itself in little 'holes' in the paintwork. A subsequent coat seems to fix it but the coverage, for me anyway, doesn't seem as predictable and Mr Paint or even Vallejo Air. Has anyone else seen this? It has the same effect whether straight down on the plastic or undercoated. Its pretty apparent on the 3rd picture below. Also managed to do the 1st layer of etch on the Instrument panel and some of the radio equipment as well as do the etched Rudder Pedals. The Pedals were a right pain in the ass but thankfully came out pretty well I think, I just hope they are visible once the cockpit is in place. I'll start weathering and picking out the details in the cockpit parts in the next session. The landing gear is done too. Well the basics are. Again I used some Eduard for the mudguard fittings. It was then painted in Alclad Semi Gloss Aluminium after an undercoat of their Gloss Black Base. The same was done for the Eduard Brassin wheel hubs. The tyres themselves are in Tamiya Tyre Black. Those who know the kit will see that I managed to damage one of the gear sets by somehow snapping the loops where the lower piece joins. Luckily enough there will be enough plastic left to ensure theres enough support for the weight of the model. Ive also undercoated the amazing resin renditions of the crew. These have to be seen to be believed, they are gorgeous. I just hope I can do them justice but think maybe something of this quality needs a better figure painter than I am. They almost looked to be in a black and white photo whilst I was airbrushing the Alclad White Primer and Micro Filler on them and I almost left them just like that. As per my 'Half Naked' build the side thats bare plywood and aluminium wont be weathered other than maybe a little shading but the other, camouflaged side, will get weathered. Plenty more fun to come.
  18. Ive got one and its beautiful. Something about that Polikarpov and 8 Sqn in Iraq really called out to me
  19. Wood going to be a challenge. Still, always up for that and it'll be my 1st use of Uschi Wood Decals - maybe should have started a bit easier but hey what the hell. Just awaiting their arrival, ordered 5 sheets of plywood not knowing whether thats enough or not!
  20. Hi all, Time to throw my build into this. The kit is great but I am a sucker for Aftermarket so I bought: 1. Eduard Big Ed Etch Set, 2. Eduard Brassin Wheel Set, 3. Eduard Brassin Exhaust Stacks, 4. Profimodeller Pitot Tube, 5. Some Uschi Plywood Decals (awaiting delivery on those). Going to do the aircraft half bare metal and wood and the other half in a camouflage Im yet to decide upon. So, looking forward to joining the group build and seeing how everyone else does too
  21. Very nice mate, love these A night fighter where she belongs.
  22. Merry Christmas Everyone. I went for a ride to Shuttleworth (Old Warden airfield), my favourite place on the planet yesterday. I love this place, really old school place and so many vintage aircraft you turn round so fast your head almost comes off. Im lucky enough to know a few of the engineers here and some of the volunteers as I fly in here quite a lot in my little toy airplane (they're nice to me even though its not vintage). So whilst walking around I took a few photographs in the Engineering shed of the Lysander, Brisfit and a Chipmunk thats being renovated. AR501 the Spitfire is getting there too and looking great. Peter Vacher's old Hurricane (R4118 the only flying Hurricane that actually fought in the Battle of Britain). Pete just sold her and she is going to live at Shuttleworth for now and may be a permanent fixture with Shuttleworths own Sea Hurricane. The Gloster Gladiator was out doing a few engine runs and I took some of the lovely Ryan thats in one of the hangars too. I took tonnes of photo's and this isnt the whole set so can upload more if people ask for them. Shuttleworth really is a living museum and all the better for it. If you havent been do, its beats Duxford hands down in my book and is full of vintage aircraft, some of them the only flying examples in the world. Great place. Full details at: http://www.shuttleworth.org/ Shuttleworth Lysander. Shuttleworth Brisfit Shuttleworth Spitfire AR501. Hurricane R4118 Others RCAF Chipmunk, Shuttleworth Gloster Gladiator and Ryan and Moth.
  23. Gepard, I didnt take it as bad intention at all, if it reads that way Im sorry Think were all here for the same thing to learn from others and I know Im learning a lot from everyone here Thanks again, J.
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