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1:72 Night Lozenge Decal - 5 color upper & Lower


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(1:72 Night Lozenge Decal  - 5 color upper & lower)
Available from Aviattic for £12 each +P&P


The last time I had the pleasure to review some Aviattic Decals, Aviattic has a new name in town.

Now, Aviattic is a well-know manufacture with firmly credits on WWI modelling world in the decals business, specially for WnW model kits.

Now a day, Aviattic do not serve only WnW model with 1:32 lozenge.

Now they do have something for braille scale modelers.

The decals as usual, came in a large zip -log bag (size A4) along with application instructions.




The decal application hints and tips are clear, precise and very useful that must be on your side when you apply the decals!


On this review, we will take a brief look to the new 1:72 5 color night lozenge.

I can´t say how happy that I`m with this release, because being myself a Large Scale Modeler, I also have a 1:72 beast, a Zeppelin Staaken and I was not very happy with Roden decals.

So Aviattic comes to the rescue with these ones.


The items that are part of this review are:

ATT72013 - Full pattern width for upper surfaces;

ATT72014 - Full pattern width for lower surfaces;

ATT72015 – Joined for upper flying surfaces;

ATT72016 - Joined for lower flying surfaces

ATT72017 – Full pattern width for upper and lower surfaces;













All that we need to cover up the Staaken.

The lozenge color look perfect, and the fabric texture effect is simply amazing and truly realistic.








These sheets simulating 5 colour "night" pattern top and bottom, upper and lower bolts - the same again but on white decal paper for slicing into ribtapes and then upper and lower "joined" for wing sections.

The lower set for rib tapes may not be necessary if use the upper for both surfaces, which looks good, at least for me.

They all have subtle but noticeable different color lozenges.

Decals are translucent, which compel apply a primer light color ( white, light gray), and gloss varnished surface.  Then a careful thought and application of pre –shading can be essential for achieved a range of colors important to give an even more realistic.


The general looks of the decals is outstanding… The color, the texture and the geometry are outstanding.

All decals are laser printed onto high quality decal sheet from extremely high resolution computer generated graphics



Hey, ok… You can think that that is all fantastic but we can always the Roden decals that are in the box… Well, yes you can but take a close look at Roden decals, just side by side with Aviattic decals.



(my decals sheets turn like that in time… probably my fault – so the kit decals always had to go)






A image worth more than a 1000 words.

Sum up… Ten thumbs up!!

Perfect math, perfect register, perfect fabric texture effect, perfect colors…. PERFECT is the word!


Very High Recommend

Our truly and sincere thanks to Richard from Aviattic for the review samples sheets.

To purchase, click here.

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