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diorama figures


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Hi everybody, i'm collecting as many items as possible to do a 1/35 MASH diorama, and have been gathering almost every gadget possible to start building, but.....the most difficult part is getting my hands on some orderly/firstaid/nurses/doctors stuff, because they either don't excist or my search isn't good enough.

I found some old italeri figures carying a stretcher, but that's it.

Ofcourse i have the old revell movie scene kit, with some mash characters in it and several helos, but i'm stuck with the "mash crowd"....


so there you have it, can anyone be of assistance?




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And i checked in on it, but i'm looking for korean era figures ofcourse, and i know they might not be so easy to find, but any medical orderly in military outfit ( so not the nurses in traditional hospital outfit) would be fine, even WW2 that would have had a resemblance to it.

Anyhow, thanks for your input.



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