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1:48 Pilots & Ground Crew Sets 1 and 2 from The Fusilier


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1:48 Pilots & Ground Crew Sets 1 and 2

The Fusilier

Catalogue n.º FUS 48/01 and 48/02

Price tag: £14 each set


The Fusilier is a brand of one man: Steve Warrilow.

Anyone who is in the WWI world knows his name.

He dedicates to sculpt beautiful figures, only of the Great War.


And if it has The Fusilier name on it, that´s for sure, a quality product.


Until last year, Fusilier has only large scale figures being the small ones in 1:32.

Today we are checking the two new 1:48 Pilots and ground crew sets.


The sets pack came in small but sturdy hard plastic box each one.




All the figures are in beige color resin.


Parts were safely secured in a sort of cotton and all the resin are very well cast, smooth, and with no bubbles at all or imperfections.


In the past, I had have the pleasure to review a test-shot of one 1:48 scale figure, what I had called “a gentlemen war”.

Well now It´s in full production and it`s amazing to see that the only semi-low point (a big nose) that I pointed is now fixed…. COOL!









        All come in a light grey resin, with little clean to do and some seams lines to remove.


        The detail in all figures is quite sharp, with special attention to cloth small details like buttons, pockets, leather etc.



















These details read in conjunction with the well achieved posture that can pass thought the figure.

In addition to all this, a beautiful facial expression, nothing easy to get on this scale.


Pilots come in one piece thereby facilitating its completion.


The staff members who carry stuff of course come with three or four parts, with a brief dry fit, it seems to fit quite well.














I had huge difficulties in photographing these figures, not only for its size, the color of the resin but mainly my fault. I apologize for that.




The Fusilier and Steve Warrilow is a world reference in sculpting, and is well worth it.

These are brilliant sculpt, with great poses and sharp detail even for 1:48 figures.


The cleaning is minimum, with little flash to remove.

Any of these fantastic items would be a well worth add to your 1:48 WWI airplane for a very good tag price.




 My sincerely thanks to Steve Warrilow, the man behind The Fusiler for the review samples.




Just visit The Fusilier website (here)  – and if you do don`t forget to mention LSM and WNW Fans).



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