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1:32 WWI Large Upright German Fuel Cart - Aviattic

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WWI Large Upright German Fuel Cart



(catalogue n.º ATTR 018)

Price Tag – £ 26,40

(12 resin partes, hose and steel wire)


Aviattic is now a very well know name in WWI modelling world! Their produtcs are always top noch about originality and detail.

Richard from Aviattic is a devoted modeler and a WWI passionate so all their projects will come at their very best and a truly dedicate product.

The love for their products is well patent on this little resin kit that comes in strong cardbox with foam protects. In the middle of it, a little hard plastic box.

No chance to break or damaged the resin pieces. The packing is highly professional.

         Also you got a brief safety note and a very important one while working with resin: always use a suitable mask.

Opening the little plastic box. you got 12 resin parts, one hose and one steel wire.




The casting system is now more common that the first resin kit that I had the pleasure to review.

And with that I think that the quality has improved substantially.

You got a good quality grey resin, with some flash that need to be remove. Nothing special

This set has no instructions but also is for experience modeler and you can see a complete pic of it on aviattic website.

The large fuel tank is one single resin piece, with some details already cast to the piece. A nice touch to a quite impressive piece.





However, the large resin block on the base needs to come off, and it will come easy… but take your time… is quite a resin chunk piece.

The fuel tank itself does have a seam line in each side. The removal looks like quite straightforward but care must be taken because they are in a very visible spot.






The other small pieces are very well achieved and with some nice and sharp detail.





Looking back to my review on the fuel cart, there has been a remarkable improvement from the Aviatic

The handles and wheels are also very well cast with no distortion and bubbles. (damn, sorry, forgot to take pics to the wheels)

As for the hose nothing to say because their quality is fantastic and simulates it very well



Aviattic has been in the past few years a manufacture that every WWI modeler and have some of their products because Aviattic produce some great produts.

The large fuel cart is no exception and it has been a great improvement from Aviattic since the fuel card that I have reviewed in the past.

This fuel cart would be a very good addiction into a WWI diorama or vignette and just playing alongside the Gotha and the AEG.

The single negative point is to have a large resin block to remove but part of the casting system. Only the more work the modeler.

I can higly recommend the fuel cart to all but novice modeler that have a WnW WWI german aircraft.


Very High Recommend

Our truly and sincere thanks to Richard from Aviattic for the making these fantastic WWI accessories.




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