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Hobby Boss M1070


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I recently received and started the Hobby Boss M1070 tractor and HETS trailer and as I was starting the work on the Tractor frame, I noticed a problem. I'm missing and entire sprue. I thought I had misplaced it while unwrapping and inspecting the parts but I've torn apart my entire house thinking maybe a three year old kid may have gotten a hold of it and ran off. No such luck. My question is...how is Hobby Boss at replacing parts and sprues. I've searched the net looking and can't find anything that helps. I really don't want to buy another kit ($$$) and have to mold all the parts I'm missing. I really want to build this thing but I'm kind of lost on what I can do.

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Sorry to read about your missing parts. Since it's hobby boss and sister to trumpeter...I say, your out of luck. Only option is if you still have a proof of purchase from a hobby shop (local/online) then ask them to fix it or refund you the funds.


I have a Trumpeter 1/32 Harrier and it has two canopies and no wind shield. I tried Squadron and Steven Internationals and I was told...no can help you. Get help from where you purchased it. I don't even remember the last time I saved the receipt every kit I purchased, but you better believe it's changing fast.


Anyway, hope you find what you need as it's an expensive kit.

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