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Plusmodel 1:35 Diorama Accessories - Wherry and Plastic Barrels

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1:35 Accessories




 (Catalogue n.º 457)

Price Tag: 13.60 €/19.40$




Available from Plusmodel 


Plusmodel is a quite busy company in releasing diorama accessories giving modelers huge options to their work in dioramas! We are spoiled by Plusmodel and very happy with that.

And once again Plusmodel just release a very welcome add to their catalogue with a wherry, or we can call it simply a rowing boat.


The kit come in small but strudy box, with boxart, the model complete with paint and weathering as usual in all Plusmodel box.


Opening the box I was quite surprised nonetheless the little letters on the box art (not so little) saying “laser carved wooden parts…”




The all kit is in wood!!!

Two very very thing sheet of laser bass wood (I guess) gives the modeler all the is need to get a roaw boat.


The next question is: how I going to build a wood boat? I`m a plastic modeler…

Well Plusmodel really thinks of all and put inside the box, a sturdy paper sheet that is a construction jig, so the modeler just need to put the pieces in proper order in the jig and glue everything with white glue or cyano.




The instructions are quite clear and starts with the necessary steps to build the jig.


The rest of the construction, the wherry itself looks quite simple as it has very little parts (less than 20 pieces).


The quality of the pieces are really awesome… its wood, real wood so no criticism is possible.


The only non-wood parts are from the small PE sheet that is for the row supports being only 4 small pieces.




Despite the boxart boat showing some lettering, there`s no decals inside the box.


Plastic Barrels

 (Catalogue n.º 466)

Price Tag: 15.30 €/21.80$




This set is quite simple and easy going one with 12 resin parts, one PE sheet and one decal sheet.




The 12 resin parts are in grey color and are very well cast with no cleaning besides the resin block in the bottom.




The side carry handles are in PE giving only 8 handles, which looking at the box art is logical as not all of the plastic barrels have them.



The small decals set bring 20 danger symbols, with good definition and color registration, which is quite enough to all the barrels.







As usual, Plusmodel comes to the rescue with original itmes to enhance our little vignettes or dioramas at a very very affordable prices if you consider that for example the plastic barrels set will give you at least for two dioramas.



Highly recommended.







With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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