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Plusmodel 1:48 Cables Reels and La-5 Pilot figure


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Diorama accessories and figure (Aeroline)

(Catalogue n.º 4049 / 4050/ AL4059 )

Price Tag: 12.30 €/18.90$; 13.60€/19.40 and $11.50/8.10€

Available from Plusmodel 



(Catalogue n.º 4049 / 4050)

Price Tag: 12.30 €/18.90$; 13.60€/19.40




Cables reels were already release by Plusmodel late in 2015, and of course these 1:48 sets are plain equal to the big boys a 1:35, review you can check it Here.

So all my thought about the cable reels are there, and on this little gems I will only put some pics of them.






These ones are perfect to stand along 1:48 aircraft or the now uprising 1:48 armour scale.


Pilot La-5




(Catalogue n.ºAL4059 )

Price Tag: $11.50/8.10€

Plusmodel from the past years has been releasing several figures in 1:48 to stand alongside an airplane or a helicopter.

So this time we going to review a 1:48 russian pilot to stad along with a La-5.

I assume that this figure will also stand well alongside a Lagg-3 or a La-7 or even a Mig-3 but Plusmodel decided to name these figure to a specific aircraft.

This figure comes in two pieces. Well not quite.

The all figure is cast in a single piece, with sharp details in the cloths.  The detail is really awesome and just proves that Plusmodel knows what is doing. The belt buckles up front, the start on the belt, the bag strap are very well accomplished. The sculptor did a hell of job and Plusmodel did a fantastic casting of it.








The cleaning is almost not, because all the fine resin flash comes off easily just with your fingers.

The removing blocks are easy to remove as the connection point to the figure is quite slim.

The another piece is a crate where the pilot is putting his foot. The crate is quite well achieved and very well cast with no cleaning except the removing resin block.




The pilot position is quite a stylish one, cool one, like “the man to the job” and his non friendly face just accomplish that look! Brilliant!

The paint instructions are as usual, a single nice color drawing of a La-5 pilot.






As in accuracy, this figure does look like a La-5 fighter pilot, with several details being quite noticeable like the parachute straps and the cross on the seatbelt, so Plusmodel, as usual did their research job.









But again I think that this figure will serve other plane like the Petlyakov Pe-2 in 1:48 from Zvezda.






These little and simple Cable reels are a perfect adding in any diorama bringing a special detail on it with a most high quality.

The figure is an high stander one, with a very cool look and full and genuine details making it a must have if you have a 1:48 Russian model kit in your stash.

Highly recommended.







With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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