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Best Do 335 references?


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Hi there.


I'm hoping to start on my big 32nd. scale HK Do 335 and was wondering what good references I should get for it? I do have the monarch book (on order) plus the older schiffer book and Merrick's cockpit book which all cover this aircraft, but are there any other references with good pictures anyone can think of?


Thanks, Chuck.

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Hello Chuck.


Classic Publications put out "Dornier Do 335 Arrow.  The Luftwaffe's Fastest Piston-Engine Fighter", by J Richard Smith, Eddie J Creek and Gerhard Roletschek (2006) ISBN-1-903223-67-9.


Some 175 pages in all.  Includes lots of photos, line drawings, and some profile artwork by Simon Schatz.  Not sure that it would be the best for those who delight in scratchbuilding lots of extra detail, but certainly an excellent all-rounder.


Cheers, Ralph.

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