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1:35 U.S Armoured Bulldozer - MiniArt


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1:35 U.S. Armoured Bulldozer
Catalogue # 3518
Available from 
Creative Models for £39.99






MiniArt already marked its place in the world of modeling as interesting and more esoteric models, far from ShermTigerPanther released every year by other producers.

And in addition, is a manufacturer with a general and high quality of injection molding, giving the modeler all to get a quality model of great straight from the box.

This kit is actually packed into a medium box with a quite attractive boxart in satin finish.

Opening the box, it was with great surprise that I saw the amount of plastic for the model I had the idea that it is small, and in fact, it is.




Altogether there are 29 sprues, plus a clear plastic sprue, a little photo-etched sheet along with a small decal sheet with only one scheme option.

All sprues within this release are not individually bagged. The risk of damage is real but my samples have suffered no damage.

The plastic is medium grey styrene, except the clear sprue. This clear sprue has 4 headlights glasses with nice and subtle detail.




The little PE sheet brings only 7 parts, 3 of each are levels.




There‘s a lot of sprue… Is quite a typical issue from MiniArt like we had the opportunity to see on T-44 and GAZ review with a total of 767 parts. This model has around the same parts number that the brand new T-44 that we just review. Now that’s meaning something about the detail on this little model.

So making a sprue by sprue would turn this review boring, tedious and uninteresting because the large number of sprue and unlike aircraft, and even armour, this one isn’t too easy to write, unless you’re a tractor geek.

Instead, I will simply point out the high and low points (in case there is any) small and detailed model.

Observing all 29 sprues not find flash or distortion in statement pieces that the injection and the plastic is beautifully moulded, with great attention to detail, including bolt detail, caterpillar logo, seat, anti-slip floor. The quality of moulding on this model is quite evident on the sharp details on the several, a lot really, of very small parts and in particularly in the pipes in sprue H.





Quite impressive.


But if you start thinking all parts, and the numbers of parts in this box, for sure that you can figure out that this model is not for the faint-hearted

All the parts and details turn the model only for average modeler, as the construction is with complex engineering with multi-part assemblies.



The engine is almost all open, on both sides. MiniArt knows that so the engine is fully detail with linkages, fittings, pumps, manifolds, pipes, radiator, gear box and fan. No color guide is given… I really don’t know is this one was an overall olive drab even on the engine…










The motor behavior of detail and paddle mechanism is all present and well thought out regardless of multi-parts and complexity of the sub-assemblies, I think that several steps could be simplified.









The formant of the stringer has a good point of connection to the motor formant giving security in the final alignment of the stringers and consequently the final structure of the tractor.

The lifting structure is very well detailed drawing attention to the shovel and their detail. The entire structure is adapted to be easily movable.








Despite not being part of the mobility of the fan (that why its call static modeling), it´s always good to have that possibility.

The armored bunker that protects the driver is debt in several parts so care is needed in its construction under penalty of being crooked.








Also good detail is provided on driver's seat being logically possible the opening of the two doors and windstorms in order to show the interior.

Every suspension and wheel structure is very complex and many pieces which will inevitably dry fit of all parts to get a perfect alignment.


















I think that here again there could be some simplification in the construction of parts, regardless the detail is spectacular.


Tracks are superbly moulded, with incredibly thin edges and some great linkage detail. A little work to build them, but you’ll be pleased to know that sprue gate connections are minimal.









A single decal sheet is included, with the 3 military stars, codes and registrations, and the words “Always Will” and these are of very high quality. Printing is glossy, and also reasonably thin, with minimal carrier film. Provided option is: 237th Engineer Battalion of the 1st U.S. Army, Germany 1945.









The instructions come in an A4 booklet in glossy paper, drawings are quite clear and modeller friendly, with the parts attachment points well indicated.








Like the GAZ there`s no colour indications along the construction, but only on the final scheme. This point is now overcome in the T-44.






MiniArt has a motto: “Everything you need for an accurate model in one box.”

That really sums up this little gem as it´s a very comprehensive and accurate model of this very famous little workhorse.

This kit retails at just under £40, and it’s a great price for what tou get!

A spectacular kit with extreme detail but it`s not a weekend project or to a novice modeler due to the construction and sub-assemblies complexity and the huge number of parts to this little tractor.

Besides de complexity of construction, the only low of this model is the absence of colour indication along the construction steps, one thing that is overcome in their latest release: the T-44.



Highly recommended


My sincere thanks to MiniArt for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.








 CAD drawings from MiniArt site:

















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