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Plusmodel tufts of grass and reed - Vegetation for your diorama!


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Tufts of Grass (Green – Dry)

Tufts of Reed  (Green - Dry)

(Catalogue n.º 471, 472, 473, 474)

Price Tag: 8.30 €/11.80$ (Grass); 8.90€/ $12.70

Available from Plusmodel 




Plusmodel is without a doubt, a brand that the world of modelling know very well and that it´s associated to dioramas or vignettes. They are probably the brand with more catalogue references for diorama builder and they just keep new products coming out every month.

Now they just enter the vegetation scene, with this 4 little sets of grass and reed just join the big vegetable boys like Mininatur or Modelscene.

These sets bring quite lots of stuff that could be used in more that one diorama or several ones. So you got 49 of the green/dry tufts of grass, and 18 of the green-dry reeds. I think that is quite a good number for the price.







As you can see, these products are quite easy to use.






The tufts grass you just pick up form the backing paper with a set of tweezers and then, with a bit a whiteglue you can put wherever you like.


With the reeds, it´s simply the same thing. Take it off of the backing paper… and drill a small hole on the ground and put it on with a bit of whiteglue, and that`s it!








It´s just don`t gets any easier that this!


To make them a little more you should paint then with several tons of green or beige/brown to get a more natural look of them.



Well, Plusmodel jumped in vegetation scene and quite honestly, in a smooth and good way.

These 4 sets are a great value to the modeler for the price, as you get a quite large number of tufts, easy to apply and capable of getting paint on.

Sum up, perfect!

So Diorama builders, Vignette builders or simply if you need to enhance your little base for your model, just pick one of two of these! You won´t be sorry.


Highly recommended.







With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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