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1:35 Wooden Crates - Plusmodel

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1:35 Diorama Accessories



Wooden Crates

 (Catalogue n.º 479, 480 and 481)

Price Tag: 9.80 €/13.90$



Available from Plusmodel 


Plusmodel is a nonstop helper to all modelers, specially diorama builders.

Now, 3 sets of wooden crates to be in any WWII diorama.








All set came a hard plastic cover with boxart as usual in all Plusmodel, is the set itself, full build.


All 3 sets are laser carved wooden parts.

Every set gives the modeler one single and very very thing sheet of laser bass wood.



You got condensed milk and cigarettes wooden crates with Chesterfield brand and other with Lucky Strike brand.









Just a small point: Plusmodel made a small and irrelevant mistake: they switch the images and their references, with 479 and 480, so the box art of 479 is from 480 and vice-versa.


One question that I did post to myself the last time I saw and review a wooden diorama accessorie was: how I going to build something in wood? I`m a plastic modeler…

Well, with a new blade and cyano, I dive to the wood…


And voilà!!





Easy-peasy! Straithforward and no difficulty whatsoever… I know what you are going to tell… pfff it’s a wooden crate!! Yup, but still of wood and I build two! :D

No decals. All the letters are engraved on the wood like the real thing.



Another must have items from Plusmodel for any modeler who wants to do a WWII diorama, in 1:35 or even in 1:32 at a very affordable price if you consider the huge number of crates!



Highly recommended.






With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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