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U.S Pressure Bottles and Other Stuff to your Diorama - Plusmodel

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Diorama Accessories Sets


(U.S. Pressure Bottles; Road barriers; Plastic Cans; )
Available from
 Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text



Plusmodel is my favourite diorama accessories manufacture in modelling world.


They do allied quality with originality.


If your project is a vignette or a diorama, then Plusmodel is your solutions.


All the samples comes with the usual packing,  in small paper boxes with the resin aprts wrap in bubbles plastic.






Catalogue n.º 468

Prize tag: $18.20/€12.80


Simple plastic cans. And this set brings a lot of them.

30 plastic cans to be precise.



All the cans are in light gray resin  without distortion or flash as usual.













There are 9 types of plastic packaging.

Small, medium, large, narrow,wide ...












There`s got to be something for everyone!

A small sheet of decals has good colour registration with various chemical warning labels and toxic warning.

The small PE sheet brings 8 handles with two distinct styles allowing handles to 4 drums.


U.S. Pressure Bottles – Modern


Catalogue n.º 478

Price Tag: $20.90/€14.70



Now a set for modern subject!

Is not a small set with 59 resin parts.




Its brings 10 and allows 4 to have all the pressure connection and control structure of this pressure with pressure gauges and valves.

The bottles are modelled in a single resin pour block. They are quite easily removed with a saw.




All the parts are cast in light gray resin and no warps, or casting imperfections.









The PE small contains 7 pieces that are very easy to work with, giving some extra detail to it. A novice on PE should have no problem working with these ones.




The decal sheet includes gas nomenclature (acetylene, air oil free, oxygen, nitrogen oil free, argon oil free, carbon dioxide) and stripes (white, green and black) that are design for the bottles.




The set includes parts to assemble 10 gas cylinders: 

- gas cylinders (10x),
- main valves (10x),
- safety caps (10x),
- pressure gauges (10x).



The pressure gauges are not given in decal… so to do them realistically, a decal would be perfect for it. However the decal sheet doesn’t bring any so or you do a custom decal or your paint for yourself.


As you can see in the box art, this set also Includes a hand cart for transportation.

The cart looks quite simple but with some delicate construction. So extra care should be taken to get it done.  Its well detailed with chorea and two wheels and still clasp to hold the bottle in the car. Really nice touch.


The wood pallet is also included, and made by 7 resin parts, with very easy construction.

This wood pallet could be used with the set or in other scene. Its perfectly used in other scenarios.






The instructions are a simple paper sheet with assembly diagram, decal placement directions and color guide. Nothing to report on this one, as they are clear to follow in the construction and decal guidance.






Road Barrier

Catalogue n.º EL066

Price tag: $4,6/3.3€


The Set is from Easy Line, a line with very few parts to be used easily and without major problems to give an extra detail to your diorama at low cost. Is like a low-cost line from Plusmodel.

So the set is made from 6 resin parts, barrier timber and a wire.

The barrier timber is a mall wooden trunk round and round and cut to size.

The resin parts are the baluster as well as barrier support mechanism.

The wire is for modelers use to shape the handle on ballast.

It has no instructions or foot but a small drawing showing the location of parts.

Is a simple set, inexpensive but very effective bringing more life and interest to your diorama.

















I`m afraid that I becoming quite annoying about Plusmodel quality but is their fault.


These sets just have everything for your diorama: quality, easy to construct, originality and good prices.

What do you want more?

If these sets are what you need to enhance your diorama just doi it and treat yourself and your work and project.




Our truly thanks to Plusmodel for these review samples.




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