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Modelling WWI Tanks - by Frédérik Astier - SteelMaster


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Modeling WWI Tanks


Author - Frédérik Astier


Publications: Histoire & Collections

Price: 24,99€

ISBN: 978-2-35250-468-9











The First World War has gained much prominence since the Centennial by the tanks manufacturers.

Aircraft modellers have been lucky since 2009, since the start of Wingnut Wings.



This book is a compilation of works, with 128 pages and 600 photographs, a great modeler, a legend in the modeling of AFV- Frédrérik Astier.


I had the pleasure of meeting him in SCM 2016 and it is indeed an extraordinary person beyond fantastic modeler.



On Steelmaster stall there were three dioramas that are represented here: A7V, Schneider and Ft-17.


The disclameir is on the first page saying that all except the FT-17 models are from the author. The FT-17 is none the less from Emilien Pepin, the chief editor of Steelmaster, Wingmaster and figurines.




All the articles do have step by step constructions, painting, weathering, all with fantastic pics and how to.


All the process it's here and that's is the most important thing.


I will only enhance some parts of the builds otherwise I would put all the book in this ... so good it is!






Mark IV Female and Male  (Takom and Tamiya)



 The first work is a double one ... The constructions stage is the most important on this one because the author dissects all phases of construction and shows the differences between the two kits beyond the differences inherent in a being Male and the other female.


There are several photos of the presented differences with demonstration on the kits parts.










For example the tracks ...

The author said and show how the tracks of which one are made and tell us his opinion.


The Tamiya are built in minutes .. to the Takom takes several hours, advising the author to purchase the new set of Takom (which will be similar to the Tamiya) or the set of FruilModel.



The diorama is one with the MAKR IV Female Takom.






Every step of the diorama terrain is well documented and photographed and so all steps are presented and explained the reason to do so.









The only step that is not there, and I do not think should be, is the painting of the figures.


Before moving on to other work, many Mark IV's photographs are presented to the reader clearly being an extra and very inspiring.


Next, one of my favorite ... next to the A7V.



St. Chamond (Takom)




This time, there are no terms of comparison between two models in the construction of which would be interesting to compare it in the same terms of the previous article with the St. Chamond of HobbyBoss.


Building is always well documented with plenty of photos and well described painting with all indications of the colors used. It´s inspiring and that leads me thinking seriously about taking my Takom St. Chamond of the stash and start doing it.


But the most interesting is that the exhaustive survey of the weaknesses of kit and failures regarding the decals and the improvements that can and duties made by the modeler without great difficulty.


Some extra detail in scratchbuild are very nice tip to add some detail to our own models








Once again the diorama is extraordinary with all major steps documented and their origin as well as the figures.


This diorama is very well done with a non-combat environment, a relax one.

This is the kind of diorama are for me the most exciting and interesting.


A compilation of photographs of St. Chamond are high level at all levels.




Sturmpanzerwagen A7V (Meng)





Meng the kit is all excellent levels representing paternal late (fall 1918) but of course that the author wanted to present your readers with something a little different and as such decided to modify early May 1918. and for that it was enough to change decals.










I understand the choice can not help but notice that the painting and weathering of the interior was to the pictures with no great description of how the author reached such fabulous results.


The diorama is the most urban of here portrayed focusing attention on construction and weathering of the building in ruins and the debris.













We were fortunate enough to see this live diorama at SCM2016 and was very good indeed. I loved all the details that are perfectly portrayed here.



Schneider CA1 (Hobbyboss)



This construction and diorama was also one of those present in the SCM 2016 and is an amazing piece.


The author made several improvements to the kit Hobbyboss.








These improvements actually give a unique and improved look.


The various steps of the painting are reproduced and explained as well as the fabulous weathering achieved.


The diorama is a fabulous piece, all in scratchbuild, and a dynamic difficult to reach and an intelligent and well thought out composition ... but the author explains everything!







To finish, two pages of high quality and inspirational images, all the time.


FT-17 (Meng)


The FT-17, the small but spectacular tank that Meng launch a few years back and that had the courage to release into to the market (all new tool with interior) leading to other companies to release WWI Tanks.




This work the already mentioned above was carried out By Emilien Pépin.



It is a step by step high level with all very well explained and explicit steps, with the understandable lack of painting and weathering of the interiors.






The step-by-step diorama is very interesting and immensely valuable tips.





Also here several images of the FT, quite inspiring for any modeler of AFV.







This is inspirational book that just give you the psuh and the mojo to the bench and modelling.


For me this is the main purpose of this book, to show the techniques, to share knowledge and to raise the mojo for the modeler to go to your bench and start building.


This book has in fact everything from the comparison step by step MK IV Takom and Tamiya, the adds made without aftermarkets or make a diorama root without any extra element of aftermarket.


It's the best there is.


Very Highly Recommend


My truly thanks to Histoire & Colletions and Emilien Pépin for the samples and to Frédrérik Astier review for all his works and for signing my samples.




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