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1:35 Private Tom- Winter 1915 - By Resicast

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1:35 Private Tom “Winter 1915”

 (Catalogue number: 35.5658)



Available from Resicast 



The Resicast is a Belgium Manufacture (owned by a British) and a well-known resin brand with esoteric and very interesting subjects.

Here we analyze briefly this beautiful figure of the WWI.

The figure is made with 8 parts in beige colored resin.






The torso is in one piece with legs and right arm.








The left arm and head are separated.


The head comes with integrated cap.


The casting and overall detail of the figure is very good and actually the cap was a small casting that is easy to solve with putty but more of that later.


The facial expression is appropriate and interesting. It conveys a sense of momentary victory or happiness / smile for some reason.








The general approach is very interesting and well done. Really like the look, a victorious and at the same relaxed look.

The clothing detail with front pockets is very good and you can see the texture of winter clothing to give the viewer a feeling of cold.







The only real flaw is the casting of the head with a deep mark on the cap being but what about us easy to repair.






Accessories such as bayonet, rifle, canteen, etc. are very well reproduced.











This figure resin is of good quality with good detail of clothing and accessories.

I really like the posture and especially of facial expression of willingness and victorious it is clear to me how I can use it with a WnW. ;) 



Our sincere thanks to Resicast for the review sample seen here.


       Francisco Guedes


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