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Windsock Autumn Edition 2016


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Windsock Autumn Edition 2016

Price tag: £7.80

Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/





Another season, another Windsock edition just in perfect time and again it’s great to have the opportunity to review this release form Windsock.


On the cover, we got a fantastic picture taken in April 2016 with TVAL Albatros D.Va with Rob Horne of “The Great War Society”.


On the first page a few information about TVAL US DH4 and a note about Camel colours in the Summer issue being somewhat darker that the original. Being an apologies from Windscok to the artist.


Another announcement about the end of the free shipping from WnW, a bit of an old news.


On the Logbook Entries, 4 reviews books are made, with the special call to the Sopwith Camel Owner`s Workshop Manuel by Jarrod Cotter publish by Haynes Publishing. I`m sure this could be quite in hand for the upcoming camel.


This time readers gallery does have great models, two WnW and one Roden, being Salmson 2a”, Fokker D.VII  and Sopwith Triplane.






One of my favourite parts of the latest Windscok, the Modelling Vintage Aircraft by Harry Woodman, this time of great tips about surface finishes, struts, undercarriages and of course rigging.

On the winter issue this chapter will be conclused.




Following the cover picture, several pictures taken in Stow Maries Photo Shoot, by Ken Smith are here in full detail and colour.




Lovely pics of the Spowith Snipe, Be2e, Albatros D.Va and Bristol Scout.



On the detail chapter of Helmets, hats and headgear, a full information with close-up pics of the Imperial German Safety Helmet.






Being the helmet one of the most used helmets and most photographed and easily recognizable helmet, it’s a great chapter not only to modellers but to sculptors.





Getting ready for the upcoming WnW Camel, Great war Paint chapter is about … you`re right: Spowith Camel. Several fantastic pics and more the 10 new profiles by Avro Vercamer.










And finally just before the reviews chapter, Ansaldo archive to complete the review made in the previous windsock about the Ansaldo Balilla from Aviattic.





On this chapter Windscok give us great war pictures and a fantastic walkaround of the Balilla in Bergamo being finalized with the final reviews of the last items of the Aviattic 1:32 Balilla.






On the reviews, several new and not so news (but re-boxed) models are analyzed like dogfight Airfix with E.III and Be2c in 1:72, several 1:144 models form Valom, details sets from Eduard and HGW.


Also review of Scale Aircraft Conversions with metal undercarriage substitutes this time for WnW AEG and GasPatch Salmsons. As its said by the reviewer, I also do have doubts about the use of these ones in WWI models.


A review that I also liked was about D.1119/17 Albatross conversion set, being several looks and close up being pointed out like I already read in other forums. Several well pointed reservations about this conversion set.


And before the publicity pages the last chapter being “The Rudder Post…”  with several letters from readers.








Well, I starting to have some problem in getting words form the Windsock.


It’s a must have for all WWI lovers and modelers.

All this year has being prepared to receive the WnW Camel with the best information possible in these 3 issues being conclude in the winter issue.

The information is very good and very well written.


            Very Highly Recommend.

My sincere thanks to Ray Rimmel and Windsock for the opportunity and the review sample.



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