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U.S. Soldiers at rest - Miniart 1:35

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U.S. Soldiers at rest


(1:35 WWII Military Miniatures series)




Catalogue #35084
Available from any good model shop



MiniArt does have a good range of 1:35 military (and now sarting also with some civilians) with several ones being quite original and with unseen positions in 1:35 scale.

So whenever Miniart releases another figures step at a very good value price (comparing with resin ones) I always jmp myself in happiness! J

The boxart of this set of soldiers at rest is a good one, caughting the attention to all the figures that this set contains with some workart around the box to give the modellers the temptation to buy it.  

In the back of the box, there`s the color guidelines for all 5 figures.




You will get also, on the down right side, a quite helpful color chart with full color reference.


Now let`s go inside.

You will get 5 Americans soldiers at several positions of resting, like sleeping, smoking, reading and playing cards.


Inside the three sprues of grey plastic are kept together in a plastic bag.





No instructions ...but really do you need it? Absolutely not.

Just be checking the sprues, I was quite surprised with the plastic and the injection molding.

These sprues do have several flash to remove and some soft detail. Its quite strange as all the previous late release of figures from Miniart, the are becoming better and better.

So lots of cleaning that flash will be needed but after that you can build some great and original figures of these. be construction of these figures.

The surface detail on cloths is good, not as crispy as the others sets I reviewed (here and here).















All the figures postures are quite well achieved, very natural and realistic.



Concerning to the head and facial expression, injection models limitations are in fact visible here and everywhere else.









Notwithstanding the head are well molded, balanced in size and the faces are quite nice in expression and look… the cleaning simply can ruin it.

But you`ve got a good solution: resin heads.


To add extra detail to your set, Miniart give a full set of newspapers, magazines and a playing card set.




These sets come in very well printed in matt coated paper.




The figure set is quite comprehensive giving the modelers endless possibility for use in dioramas or vignettes, is the complete set is just one of the figures and all that for the price (at least in my usual store) of a resin figure.

This set however does have lots of flash and some soft detail in some small parts that I quite don’t understand why looking back to others Miniart Releases. I`m quite sure that those flash are only in was my sample, I bet.



Highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to MiniArt for the review samples.

Available in any good model shop.




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