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Windsock Winter 2016 Edition - Vol 32, n.º 4 . The final one....


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Windsock Winter Edition 2016

(Vol. 32, n.º 4)

Price tag: £7.80

Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/





Another season, another Windsock edition.

Sadly, after 34 years, Ray decided to take a most deserved break, closing the periodic edition of Windsock.

However is not the end of it, it just will be more sporadic editions but with more information but with no data to release.


So it´s quite an honor to once again have the opportunity to review the last Windsock issue, at this format.


So, the cover is an echo to the anxiety of WWI Modelers… the Upcoming WnW Camel, as you all know, not one but 5 Camels.

So there`s a beautiful profile of a Belgian Camel and also a Pfalz D. III 1370/17 profile.


On the first pages a few pics about IPMS USA National Convention (took place at 3-6 August 2016) and some frontline news.


On the Logbooks entries my attention was caught by the 2017 Cross & Cockdale International Calendar with a Camel on the cover. Note that, despite being the same scheme version of the one made by Brett Sharman for WnW, the propeller in the WnW model is painted in full blue and the one on Cross & Cockdale calendar is not in full blue. An interesting point to study…




One of my favorite parts of the latest Windscok, the Modelling Vintage Aircraft by Harry Woodman.








It’s the closure article of it, and while Harry did not have the chance to see it full publish I do think that he and his family should be very very proud of his work and his teachings.


This time readers gallery only have two models, WnW models of course: a Bristol F2B “Biff” and Albatros B.II both from Toshi Ocoze. Masterpieces.




Following the cover profile of the Pfalz D.III, a full article of color and marking of the Pfalz D.III 1370/17, with the very good resume of it´s history and 3 different profiles of the  137017 made by only and one Ronny Bar.












On the detail chapter of Helmets, hats and headgear, a full information with close-up pics of the US Air Service Soft Shell Helmets.





Being the helmet one of the most used helmets and most photographed and easily recognizable helmet, it’s a great chapter not only to modellers but to sculptors.



Now a full build of 1:48 Nieuport 28 by Lanve Krieg. A great article with lots of pics and tips. A very good reading of a great work.





Getting even more ready for the upcoming WnW Camel, Great war Paint chapter is about … you`re right: Spowith Camel. Several fantastic pics and more the 10 new profiles by Avro Vercamer.





One of those, is available in the WnW USAS Caeml box (32072), the the 41st Aero Sqn with a camel stepping trough a “V”.





On the review chapter, WS tooked a long and deep look into the Copper State Model 1:48 Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin, 1:48 Mirage Hobby Halberstadt CL. IV H.F.W. and two 148 Conversions:  Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.) (for the RAF B.E.2c Roden) and the Siemens Schuckert D.IV, both from Spin and both available at Hannants.





In others scales, a close look has been made to 1:24 Merit Spad S. XIII and to 1:720 Mark Models Zeppelin LZ380/LZ40 and LZ45/LZ58.




In the aftermarket a look on the add ons of HGW Albatross B.II and engines from CSM in 1:48 scale.

Also a brief look to some figures, from CSM and Elan 13.




At the very end, a truly deserved thank you to Peter Jackson and all his hard working Wingnut Wings team in the name of all WWI scale modelling community from creating the most fantastic WWI model airplanes.






Well, I starting to have some problem in getting words form the Windsock.


It’s a must have for all WWI lovers and modelers.

All this year has being prepared to receive the WnW Camel with the best information possible in these 3 issues being conclude in the winter issue.

The information is very good and very well written.


            Very Highly Recommend.

My sincere thanks to Ray Rimmel and Windsock for the opportunity and the review sample.



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