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Albatros washout


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After some advise please, soon to be building my wings for my Albatros DV and want to know about the washout on the  ailerons and elivator it was present yes? its hard to see on some models i guess its only tiny amount 1mm/1.5mm?




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Hi Darren,

In R/C building, and in full size aircraft the washout would be anywhere between 1 degree and 2,5 degrees, normally. Whether this would be noticeable in a build many times smaller, well exactly 32 times smaller, is open for debate. On contemporary photos of actual Albatros planes it looks indeed as if the backswept parts of the outer ailerons are showing some exaggerated washout. But keeping in mind that these photos were taken with rather rudimentary cameras and lenses that were prone to show some optical distortion, there's no ground for too much worry about the accuracy of your model. That's as far as my knowledge goes, anyway.

But I believe that modelling is all about capturing the soul or spirit of the original airplane. So in the end it's your call in how much washout you want to show on your creation.

Just remember the first ( but unwritten ) law of aerodynamics: if it looks good - it probably is good.



Hi George,


Thats great thanks for replying so quickly, i know i may have a few errors on the build just didnt wont to add another if it should be there " or obvious" but in this case dont worry to much about it may be just a smidge then if it looks right..




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