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1:35 Jetty, Lemonade and Suitcases!! From Plusmodel

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1:35 Jetty and others Diorama Accessories

Available from Plusmodel 



Plusmodel is a nonstop helper to all modelers, specially diorama builders.

We are going to look today at the jerry, some beers and suitcases.




 (Catalogue n.º 500)

Price Tag: 25 €/35.60$

(Laser carved wooden parts and 4 resin parts)



This jetty can be use in any scenery so its most welcome to all modellers.

Plusmodel also give some resin stuff to adorned the jetty as the life buoy and some quite of shock absorbers

 Its came in a small but quite sturdy box fill with wood and some resin bits.




The jetty itself is made all in wood.


For the jetty structure you got some pre-cut hard wood parts. These parts are in a more thick wood.






The walkways are in laser cut balsa superfine wood.







So in reality, is like the real thing – wood.


For the first time, there was no thick back paper to protect properly these fragile parts.

Nothing that we can fix it quite easily

All parts fit very easily in each other and easily glued with superglue.


You actually need to follow the instructions and put a duct tape under. If you don’t do it you will probably end destroying the walkways.

The resin parts are quite well cast with some cleaning to do but nothing much.


It’s a quite straightforward construction that will not give any problem to the modeler.







No colour instructions are given for the resin bits.



1:35 Suitcases

(Catalogue n.º EL061)

Price Tag: 3.30 €/4.60$

(4 resin parts)



        This set is from Easyline brand from Plusmodel so that means that is a quite simple set with the resin almost being ready to use (almost no cleaning and just need to remove the casting block).

This set you got 4 resin pieces for 4 suitcases with a small sheet to simulate some stickers from Ritz and others.








1:35 Beery and lemonade crates

 (Catalogue n.º 422)

Price Tag: 12.10€/17.30$

(60 clear resin parts, laser carved wooden parts and decals)




        This small set its in fact small but not in the number of the resin parts.

60 clear resin parts given the modeler 60 glaas bottles in 1:35.





All are very well cast and a good clear resin.



A decal sheet with label of orange juice and other that I could figure out (but for sure lemonade) just complete the bottles.



To put all those bottles in order, two laser cut wood are given to make some fantastic look crates in wood, real wood in engraved markings. Great stuff.







Another must have items from Plusmodel for any modeler who wants to enhance their work.

The jetty can be used almost in every scenery, WWI, WWII, and modern one as the suitcases.

VERY Highly recommended.






With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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