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Plusmodel (aeroline) 1:48 WWI Albatros Pilot


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Plusmodel Aero Line Series

1:48 WWI Albatros Pilot




Plusmodel offers aeroplanes modellers fans, a quick and easy way to complement a simple vignette with a 1:48 scale WWI Albatros Pilot.

When I sat on my workbench and opened the box containing this item, my first thought was: “Nice! No need to glue parts!”

If I could label this release from plusmodel I would retain: efficient and straight forward.

What’s on the box?

The clear plastic box, shows what you get, one resin piece containing a 1:48 representation of a WWI Pilot officer from a Albatros (family) German airplane in a relax pose, retaining one hand on the  leather flight jacket and another one holding the jacket from the lining. The pose could be interpreted as if the pilot was posing in front of his airplane, for a picture perhaps?


There’s a mould residue located on the leg area but easily removed with a hobby knife. The line could be completely eliminated with some light and careful water sand paper.

Despite if my interpretation is correct watching the figure, with a proper painting process it will look just adequate as a component for a small base for Eduard / Revell Albatros D.V for example?

No painting guide is supplied; the label’s back is printed with a large full color draw of the figure. Lots of inspiration on this subject through a quick internet search using your favorite search engine. 




This is a nice and easy addition to any 1:48 WWI albatros out there!

A simple base with the bird and pilot is always a perfect duet. Balance is created!

Highly recommended!


Ricardo Veríssimo

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