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Plusmodel (aeroline) 1:48 wheel extinguisher


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Plusmodel (aeroline) 1:48 wheel extinguisher

Plusmodel Aero Line Series




On every airfield, this important accessory is present on several forms.

On this case, it’s a 150lb (+/- 60 Kg), extinguisher, mounted on a wheel cart.

For what I was able to investigate, this accessory represents a Ansul A-150 series standard steel wheel extinguisher. As an American brand, it’s correct to assume that’s a accessory presented on Americans / allied airfields.

So what’s on the box

Plusmodel present us with a 1:48 scale composed of 19 resin parts, a small decal sheet and a length of cooper wire, to simulate the rubber hose.


The instruction drawing is on the back of the front image and it’s a simple diagram.


The resin parts are well moulded and present a fair amount of detail.

The steel tanks present a very interesting detail on the form of the weld seams.

Just for academic curiosity : the front tank is for the dry agent powder and the rear cylinder contains nitrogen.


The extinguisher wheel chassis is composed by the below parts, and besides parts 6, that will require some care to remove them from the mould block, the removal and clean up will be strait forward.


The remaining parts compose the steel cases gauges, the hose nozzle and tank plunger.


Each steel wheel is compose by two parts (inner and outer ring), glued together.

The resin flash is easily removed using a hobby knife, but cleaning all the reminiscent flash could take some time, due to the wheel spokes.

Upon assembly, a gap may be showed on the external area when the two wheels are joined.

In this scenario, some putty might be necessary to properly eliminate the gap, or, a plasticard length could be glued to simulate a kind of rubber or steel layer, protecting the outside of the wheel.


The decal sheet composed two warning and instruction stickers.


The length of lead wire is used to simulate the hose.



This item, despite its simplicity, some care must be taken on the parts removal from the casting blocks.

Also, the wheel assembly may require some attention, but on the end, and after a proper red paint coat, it will look a very unique accessory to add on a 1:48 diorama.


Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link


Ricardo Veríssimo
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