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Plusmodel 1:72 Flaps for P2V Neptune


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Plusmodel 1:72 Flaps for P2V Neptune




By definition an Airplane is a set of metal plates, wires, screws, glue paint and luck, aggregated to form a machine that defies all laws of nature.

Well, the flaps play a important roll on this balance.

This release from plusmodel, allows replacing and enhancing P2V’s in 1:72 flaps and internal frames.

As already stated on one of my reviews, the only game in town for this model is Hasegawa’s rendition, dating back to 1973.

What’s on the box?

On the cardboard box, a plastic bubble bag protects the resin parts and and photoetch fret, decals and a tread of cooper wire.


The photoetch fret it has a considerable amount of parts (ribs) and spars to rebuild all interior flaps structure. The grand total is 119 parts for this set.

The photoetch structure is a rather complex construction. The union of the pieces could be achieved using cyano glue and a lot of patience.

The most skilled can resort to soldering all photoetch parts, which will guarantee a solid structure, permissive to tear and wear for all assembly / painting process.

Some times and despite all care and love delivered on our models, a part always flies away on the painting process, and by Murphy’s Law, it’s always the smallest one.


The resin parts show a nice detail and the process of parts removal from the casting block,it’s straightforward with a saw or a sharp hobby knife.




The resin parts compose the vertical structure of the flaps compartment, inside the wing.

The photo-etch spars and ribs will attach to this parts.

The flaps itself are composed by two parts each wing.


The small decal sheet contains small stencils representing the angle of the deployed flap.

The instructions are presented as a small booklet with 4 pages. They are direct and objective.

On my eyes, the diagram doesn’t pose any doubt regarding the parts assembly and their location.




This is an area of the airplane that, to be proper represented on this kind of birds, need some work involved.

This set will definitely require some skills to assemble due to the parts detail and complexity.

Nevertheless, nothing that some sessions with quality background music and drink, it will turn into a stunning scale representation.



Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link


Ricardo Veríssimo



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