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1:35 Pin-Up Pilot - Royal Model

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Pin Up Pilot




Royal Model

 (Catalogue n.º 788)

Price Tag: 29.90€

(12 resin parts)


This is a new concept, at least for me, with a pin-up and a cut front cowl of an aircraft, in this example to P-47.
This is a new line from Royal Model.
What you see what you get ... in this case it's totally true.
The boxart shows off everything that is in the box, including the little base little base.

So in total, 12 resin parts and a small decal sheet for the front cowl markings for P-47 "Jacky's Revenge"

The decal sheet has a good color registration and pigmentation. Its royal models own production and they look quite fine. I do not know if the work well but there is nothing to tell me otherwise that a good behavior.



The P-47 engine Cowl is a single piece with all panels line, small hatch and lots of rivets well made and in several sizes.







The pin-up .. Just love pinup.


The torso and the head are in a single piece. The face expression is very good with a sexy and bit sexy look.




To accent the sexy look, a good and big neckline. Unlike other figures, there is the option of without bra with exposed breaths.

The legs and the mini skirt complete the sexy posture.






The arms, hat and hands are in separate pastes.










All the sculpture is quite well achieved. The anatomy of the legs is perfect with a good turning of the thighs and legs with the knee well defined but without any exaggeration.
The chapeau details are very well defined in relief making it easy to paint the same.

The overall clothing, coat and mini skirt has the expressive graduation of the assumed posture being essential to get the sexy look that is intended and that Royal Models have managed to achieve.

The resin has no distortions or bubbles and the resin chocks are easy to remove.

This Royal Model new line is most welcome to the modeling community.
The sexy posture figure is veru well achieved. I think the concept is well achieved and well-defined the pin-up concept: sexy posture, without showing too much body and with an airplane in the background.
VERY Highly recommended.




With my sincere thanks to Royal Models for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.

Francisco Guedes

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