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Building the Wingnut Wings Dolphin & PFALZ D.IIIa By Ray Rimell (Albatros Publications)


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Building the Wingnut Wings

Dolphin & PFALZ D.IIIa

By Ray Rimell





The "Building the Wingnut Wings" series is already a mark and a most to all WnW models.

There were several titles already and all of them were and are a reference in the way you can build a WnW like a master modeler.

This title is in the same editorial and design line as all others so you get lots of details and explicit text of how to do it all step of the build, accompanied with construction pics (which I would like that would be bigger) and some very nice detail shots of the real aircraft taken from various museum type, restorations/rebuilds/new builds.

So, along 60 pages, Ray brings us five sections:

  • Inside the Box
  • Building the Sopwith Dolphin 5F,1 Dolphin
  • Building the Pfalz D.IIIA
  • Aftermarket Accessories and Decals
  • Appendices

Being the new model the largest portion is dedicated to the Dolphin build, covering 43 pages in total. The other 17 pages are for the Pfalz D.IIIA, with the same structure: good self-explanation WIP pictures and excellent shots details of the Pfalz.

So along Dolphin and Pfalz builds, very helpful close-up pics (excellent photos) are given alongside the construction. So when the author is tackling the cockpit, along with the text, constructions images, you got also real aircraft close-up pictures of the cockpit. And the same is made with all other segments, like the engine, wings, rigging etc.


























Also, some beautiful Ronny Bar profiles illustrate this volume which is the numerous excellent color profiles, 11 in total (7 Dolphin and 4 Pfalz).





On page 59, in a closing note, a well-deserved tribute is made to Des Delatorre, who recently got wings to fly into blue skies. A fantastic recognition to whom made so many for WWI modeling


The title is not a surprise for any WWI aviation modeler, and the quality still up high as we already are used to from Ray Rimmel and Albatros Publication.

The text, with the close up pictures along with the model constructions pics is all you need to take your Dolphin and Pfalz to another level.

On top of that, the Ronny Bar profiles are always welcome and this title “only” gives you 11 of them.

So, once again, another must have to all WWI modeler aviation, especially for any Wingnutter.

Review copy compliments of Ray Rimell at Albatros Publication.




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