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He111 markings question: did Revell get codes and Geschwader wrong?


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researching various He111 projects (Ps and also various early-ish Hs...) and I have a question about the He111 P-1 markings Revell provides:


is "1G+ES", which is listed as being III./KG 27 Geschwader Boelcke, Delmenhorst, Germany 1940 actually correct?


this is the aircraft with the elaborate drawings on both sides of the tail fin


I ask because this same artwork is shown in close-up and also in a wider shot on p37 of "KG55 In Focus" by Hall and Quinlan as being on a completely different aircraft: G1+HP, this time of 6./KG55


G1+HP is also shown on p19, after having been shot down, but is described as being a different airframe.


I seem to have read somewhere that the tail fin artwork was not permanent and was perhaps rained / weathered off - so maybe it is the same a/c?


G1 makes it a KG55 bird I think, but Geschwader insignia are not visible in either of the Hall and Quinlan pics


Did Revell make a mistake on both codes and unit??






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