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Plusmodel 1:72 correct Engine Set for C-121 Constellation


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Plusmodel 1:72 Correct engine set for C-121 Constellation




On our beloved hobby, on what airplane modelling concern, there are some parts, areas, location sometimes neglected as they are away from focus.

This set from Plusmodel focus on the engine area and propellers for the venerable 1:72 Heller Constellation (L649 /749 or C-121) offer, as direct replacement for the kit’s parts.

So, what’s on the box



Inside the card box, you’ll get 4 Bags with 46 resin parts, a small PE sheet, a decal sheet and a flyer containing a simple instruction guide.



All parts are numerated for an easy identification


The resin parts layout is composed by the following:

Engine cowlings

8x half engine covers (left and right side) for the 4 engines. This represents an early variant (with only one exhaust on either side of the engines);

Please note that the radial engine itself is not included so the Kit’s part needs to be fitted when assembling.


Also included the cooling grills (which allows to choose between closed and open) a part for each option and side.

Also available is the oil cowl, which can be posed on the open position.

Eight resin exhaust tubes are also included.







On this department, this set represents the Curtiss electric cuffed prop, so it comes with the following:

4 sets of 3 propellers; 4 propeller hubs and 4 early type spinners, 4 PE parts representing the outer Hub and a decal sheet with the propeller stencils

Also provided is an assembly jig, that allows the propeller correct angle on the hub.








A simple flyer is provided with all information required for the assembly, with no information regarding the paint to use (specially for the propellers), so check your references.



Normally I would conclude my review on this part. Nevertheless, I felt that a small demonstration was in need to properly present this review.

So, I selected a set of engine cowlings, remove it from its casting blocks (an easy task with a photoetch razor)

The fit is adequate, and the panel lines are recessed with nice detail.  


A simple dry fit shows a small gap on the top and bottom. The parts do have location pins to ease the join between the two halves, but based on the tests made, the removal of this location pins will allow a better adjustment of parts fit, minimizing the gap.



As i was not able to obtain Heller's model, i was not able to test the fit on the model, but comparing photos of the model part's with the Plusmodel's offer, they appear to be direct replace.



This set is a strait forward substitution of the model’s parts.

Some attention is necessary on the engine cowling assembly, in order to minimize the gap between the half’s, and this is the main issue, but a necessary one due to the part in hand.

The propeller set is also presented with a nice detail and a improve over the Kit’s offering


Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link

Ricardo Veríssimo


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