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1:32 Fokker D.VII Radiators

James H

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1:32 Fokker D.VII Radiators

RB Productions
Catalogue RB-P32031

Available from RB Productions for €6.00




Only an item or so of aftermarket has surfaced for the excellent range of Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VII kits (F, OAW, Alb & Fok) so far. HGW have released a set of D.VII specific seatbelts, and will no doubt have a number of other sets on the market before too long. RB Productions have now released a simple upgrade set which is designed to improve the incorrect mesh pattern of the kit radiator parts with a more accurate and sharp honeycomb design.


RB Productions PE Fret


Close-up of honeycomb texture on RB Productions parts


This simple set comes in a small zip-lock wallet, containing a single stainless steel etch fret with SIX parts, and a small instruction sheet. A piece of black stiffening card is inserted which will give this thin fret a degree of protection against the worst that Royal Mail can throw against it. Working out how to install these is a breeze. Each photo-etch piece has a part number which directly relates to the actual kit number part. As the radiator has an internal mesh as well as the front external one, both are supplied for each of the three radiator types.




Each photo etch piece is connected to the fret by means of a small, tapered tag which will require a fresh, sharp blade to sever. As these parts will need to be folded, an etch guide line is given on the rear of each part, making this job a worry-free one. If you haven't availed yourself of RB Productions superb Flip-R5, then this is the perfect opportunity to buy a tool which makes consistently sharp folds.



Wingnut Wings part


Close-up of incorrect 'cross-coss' pattern on WNW part.


The instructions suggest that you try to get the angles of the folded parts as close to that of the parts so that little to no tension will exist in the folded metal, allowing it to sit effortlessly to the plastic part. It is also suggested that either Johnson's Klear, or PVA is used as adhesive. These allow parts to be moved and aligned, unlike most CA, which RB Productions does not recommend. I use Klear for the majority of my photo etch, where I am fixing flat plate PE to a plastic face. It works exceptionally well.

You'll see from my photographs above just how different the mesh on these parts are, in comparison to the kit parts.






So what do we think?

A single fret contains enough parts to build THREE Fokker D.VII's, depending on which schemes you want to build. So, play your cards right, and if you are a D.VII junkie like me, then you'll be able to utilize all the parts here for 3 different projects, at only 2€ per model! This upgrade will really set off an already excellent kit, and for accuracy junkies, it is a real 'must have' item.


Very highly recommended.


My sincere thanks to RB Productions for the review sample used here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


James H




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