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Plusmodel 1:72 Wheels for C-46 Commando


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Plusmodel 1:72 Wheels for C-46 Commando



On our beloved hobby, on what airplane modelling concern, there’s still room for new models.

It’s not the case for the model for which this set is intended. The 70’s 1:72 Williams Brothers C-46 is the only offer if you pretend to build this model.


What’s on the box

The box is clear about the content. Two main wheels and a rear one.

On the back paper, photographs of the set already paint and weathered, to serve as inspiration. As many WW2 American airplanes, the wheel hub’s painted Metallic and the tyre painted on the eternal black, or tyre black, or dark grey, whatever suites the modeller’s personal interpretation.



Main wheels

The main wheels are composed by the tyre and front rim and the rear rim as a separate part.






The removal of the casting blocks can be done with no effort, using a small saw, as the attachment to the casting mould is minimal and it’s located on the area of the tire in touch with the ground. The tires are mould with weight effect.

The overall detail of the wheels is good specially comparing to the kit’s offering.



Rear wheel

This is the smaller wheel to fit on the tail landing gear. As the main wheels, detail is good and it will enhance, again, the kit’s offering.



Comparing Plusmodel’s wheel with the plastic one the gain Is clear, despite some surgery is required to remove the kit’s original with the resin replacement.

With some patience and a panpipe playlist on your favourite digital player will do the job.



This set is a improve on the kit’s parts, mainly to the fact that the mould has its first release on the 70’s.

The main wheels are an easy replace to the original ones and the rear one will require a small intervention to replace but nothing too difficult.

This is a must set to enhance the look of the original model and as so, recommended.


Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link


Ricardo Veríssimo





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