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Plusmodel aero Line Series 1:48 Crew F-14 Tomcat


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Plusmodel aero Line Series 1:48 Crew F-14 Tomcat




Plusmodel offers aeroplanes modellers fans, a quick and easy way to complement a simple vignette with a 1:48 scale F-14 Tomcat.

As previous releases and reviews made by me at LSM, the word associated with these products is: simplicity.


So let's look at the box

We are presented with a transparent blister type package that allow to properly observe the content.

The back paper shows a draw of the set that can be used as assembly and painting guide. No colour guide is supplied.

The set represents a F-14 flight crew on it's pre flight briefing.


Pilot 1

This figure represents a flight officer holding a clipboard on one hand and the other one pointing to a hypothetical paper containing mission notes.

It’s dress with full flight suit, including anti G jump suit, helmet and breather.



This pilot has its harms represented in two separated pieces in order to facilitate the painting process. Attachment to the body is made by a ball pin allowing a strong bond to the torso.


Pilot 2

Presented in a relax pose with both hands in a “Rest” position, at the hips, it has the head slightly turning right in a pose typical of someone receiving a briefing.


As by the pictures, the detail is adequate and with a good quality brush and steady hands can create a very appellative complement to our model airplane.

As special note, a modeler with a gifted hand can create a very impressive paintjob on the helmet, as some pilots carry very colorful ones.


This is a nice and easy addition to any 1:48 F-14 Tomcat available on the market.

A simple base with the bird and pilot(s) is always a perfect duet!


Thanks to Plusmodel for the sample review

Plusmodel Logo

 Ricardo Veríssimo


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