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Mud (Various types)

MIG Productions
See article for details and price

Available from Creative Models for £5.99 each




Ever wanted to create a muddy landscape for your diorama but didn't know how to achieve it? Well, MIG Productions latest addition to their range is MIG Productions MUD. With this new product range, all modellers will be able create realistic mud, soils and landscapes in your dioramas and models with ease and less fuss to other methods that have been used in the past.

The products we've been sent to take a look at are:

With MIG Productions MUD's you will find, not only different colours, you will also find different textures to suit your requirements with Fine and Rough options.












MIG Productions MUD is a coloured, slightly gritty paste of acrylic resin, pigment with micro particles. The paste can be easily applied with a brush or some sort of spatula, the product is easily shaped to render a mud terrain in all kinds of conditions, sandy beach, desert dunes... It can be also used for rust and weathered metal textures.


This product can also be applied into tank tracks or wheels in order to represent mud, soil build up, or even to create muddy clothes, boots on figures and maybe for non-slip surfaces on vehicles. For more effects and colour variations, MIG Productions MUD ranges can be mixed with MIG Productions Pigments, Filters, Washes and MIG Acrylic Resin.


So what do you get in the 70mm x 35mm deep plastic tub? 75ml of Mud resin paste that is secured with a screw on lid. There is also a tight push fit insert which keeps the paste fresh for future use and prolonging shelf life. There are no instructions on the tub how to use the product, but I gave the resin paste a quick stir with a stick, and used a plastic spoon to scoop the paste out of the tub, and a was used brush to move it about on the test board. I found that hot water did remove most of the paste from the brush, but I would recommend using an old brush as it could end up ruining it. Drying time was about 2 hours sitting in the direct sun, but I could see it being more 3-4 hours if you don't have those conditions.













So what do we think?

The paste holds pretty much any form that you can shape it in. Nicely packaged in an air tight tub, which will help its shelf life. An easy to use product for any level of experience modeller.


Highly Recommended


Our sincere thanks to Creative Models for the review samples used here. To purchase this directly, click the links in the review article.


Dave J.




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